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My app was recently released on Amazon App store and Google Play. Find more information and download links to the app.

Web vs. Mobile Applications

There is a clear difference that exists between a web application and a mobile application. Even though both handle information, the web application is mostly…

Using Data Effectively

Data is the currency that powers the modern-day and age, making eCommerce businesses thrive and provide the best services to their customers. Data is a…

Using Analytics to Improve Service Delivery

These days, the kind of services that customers receive from a company determines whether or not they stay on and the kind of relationship they…

Useful Mobile Search Apps

Mobile search apps are used to ease the process of finding information on the internet and web applications that are used to find information. These…

Usable Interfaces

Web applications and mobile applications are usually designed to be simple to use and understand without presenting too much information which can overwhelm the user…

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