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I recently thought about creating an application that can work with an API and a thesaurus came to mind immediately. After a bit of searching, I found the Merriam-Webster API and decided to give it a try. This led to the design and development of a simple word lookup app called Wordy. The app itself is simple enough to use but the JSON is still pretty messy.

There wasn’t much information about cleaning JSON on the internet so I released the app as it was. This led to the app getting rejected from the Bemoobi app store and the Samsung app store but Amazon and Google, in their good nature, accepted the app. The lookups are simple and the results are pretty detailed; something you can only get from using APIs.

It is also pretty fast in terms of performance and gives you in-depth information about different English words. It was not difficult to make and I love the fact that for once, I was able to work with an API that actually works. Merriam-Webster did a good job of creating a functional API and I thank them for that.  

Currently, the Wordy app is available through the following app stores: 

Amazon Appstore:  

Google Play:  

It might not be as impressive as most companies would expect but since I am starting to ship some textbooks, I will include a JSON book in there to be able to clean my JSON for better displays. (And to avoid rejections from Bemoobi). Feel free to try out the app and leave an honest rating for what you feel about the app. (One-stars won’t hurt)