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Runda: A Game to Challenge the Mind

Games are interesting as a form of entertainment and challenge the mind. There are games that can be played alone and others that require an opponent. Those that happen with an opponent are especially interesting as you get to see who has the bigger advantage. 

Runda is a game with a simple design and gameplay mechanics. The players start at either side of the board and have to be the first to align all their pieces through the centre so that they form a straight line. It can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal but it must be perfectly straight. The game requires a partner that will challenge you and block or counter all the moves that you make.

It is quite an interesting design that will keep you and your opponent active and spurring for many hours. With the simple design, you will almost forget that it is a challenging game that has to stretch on for a long time.  

Runda has a simple design that predicts possible moves for you. When you select a piece to move, the possible slots are highlighted so that you know where you can make the best move. This is quite useful when you have many options but need to narrow them down to a few workable ones.

Additionally, the game provides warnings when you have a piece in an immovable position such as when all the other neighbouring positions have been taken. You will find this game to be quite interesting, exciting and very challenging.

Having a good opponent to play with will make the entire adventure even more interesting and you will be able to spur for hours without either player conceding or giving in. The game is currently available through different channels and you can download it on your device right now. 

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