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Welcome to the Bored Giant. You will find the best information on all recent and current topics technology as well as what we are preparing for you. If you have topics that have been bugging you such as Cloud computing, databases and cyber security, we have plenty of articles which explain these concepts in detail.

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We have worked hard to prepare a website for you to stay updated about everything we are up to, what you should expect in the future and all the newest trends. We also work to maintain the quality of content on this website at a certain level which is a true reflection of how we work at the Bored Giant. Navigation through the website is now simple with a menu, less clutter and better guidance through the pages. There is also a search button at the top left corner of the website for you to use to locate something quickly and save time finding topics and items of interest on this website.

Our website is also more active and online for a significant portion of time so accessibility and reliability for the website are not things that you should need to worry about. We have done all this to ensure that you, the reader, gets useful content and not blank empty pages on our website. This way, you get to spend your time on the internet more fruitfully and get to benefit from the trasure troves of content and information that are on the web for your use.

Every time you visit the website again, there will always be new content added to the website; a reflection of the latest happenings in the world of technology summarized and organized for you to take it in easily. The improvements and upgrades also make it possible for you, our visitor to try out web versions of our new and upcoming apps on the website. This will be made possible with links to the subdomains where the web apps are hosted.

For now, though, we are still busy on Icebeat. An application to help beat the cold and become active whenever you are feeling dull or inactive. The app features ten tricky levels that you can play for as long as you like. Feel free to try it out by downloading it from the Google Play Store. Keep checking back for more exciting applications like this and new releases of later versions with more features and greater performance. Thank you very much.