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Chora: Random Art

Last year, I released an art app that used zeros and blanks to create art. The reception was somewhat good and this time, I decided to make the art even more interesting. You can try Exofun using the link below: –

The new app, Chora, makes use of randomly generated colors to present you with a palette that you can use for your art. The app has been designed to be an improvement over Exofun and has amazing features that you will find interesting.

There is a gallery to help you view all the art that you have been making and a timed challenge that enables you to make art in a time-limited session. The app has various design and performance improvements that you will find really useful. Download the app on Google Play through the link below:-

The app is also available on other app stores.

Amazon Appstore:

Samsung Appstore:

I am currently working on an app to encourage people to be more financially responsible. I think you will find it to be also interesting. Watch this space.