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Web vs. Mobile Applications

There is a clear difference that exists between a web application and a mobile application. Even though both handle information, the web application is mostly used from the server-side and only interfaces with the users on the browser for the sake of interacting with the application. The mobile application resides on the mobile device and provides readily available services to the mobile device user. The web application will store all the information required for use by the user on the server-side while the mobile application will store the information locally and only upload a backup of the information when the time necessitates.

Web applications are designed to be accessed by more than one user on the internet and most of them have an identity management system that takes advantage of the password and username basis to control access to the application. The web application will also save up information on the backend and only present it to the application users when it has been requested. These applications are also designed to present information to the user in a simple to understand manner and whenever there is a record that has been requested from the customer, the web application should be capable of displaying it in a neatly formatted manner.

Mobile applications run on mobile devices such as Android devices, Windows Mobile devices, and Apple devices. They are designed to be used on mobile devices and save time for the users by cutting out the unwanted interfaces which are replaced by simple yet intuitive gestures that are simple for the application to understand and respond to. The modern interfaces are mostly touch-based and this haptic interface means that feedback from the application is very real. The devices also have powerful displays and the application designers make it such that the information is laid out neatly and in an ordered manner.

The mobile applications make use of the local processing and storage resources on the mobile device and will even keep a backup on the web occasionally in order to avoid any information from getting lost. The comfortable use of the mobile application means that no information is ever lost to the display of the user and it is displayed comfortably and sensibly on the device screen. The information user will not get lost in the information when it has been ordered and organized properly.

In conclusion, there exist two kinds of applications that are usually confused and these are the web and mobile applications. The web applications are used over an internet connection while the mobile applications can be used offline and only require a connection from time to time in order to make a backup of the information from the device. By learning the difference between the two kinds of applications, a user will be able to know which application is best for their usage requirements hence making it much easier to make decisions that have a tangible impact on the user who needs to make use of it.