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Posts published in “Mobile”


Programs that are designed by hackers to be used in attacking other systems are known as malware and tend to be quite harmful. Malware is…

Maintaining Simple Web Application Layouts

The layout of any web application is a determinant of how easily the application users will get to interact with the application and make use…

Identifying Unstable Applications on your Device

A device is designed to handle several applications at a time, and whenever you install applications, they impact the performance of the device. Applications that…

How to Maintain Secure Systems

It is important for any system that keeps information safe to be kept as secure as possible. Modern information systems are being designed with safety…

How Smaller Devices are Getting More Powerful

Smaller devices are increasing in terms of their processing power, and this comes as no surprise. A small device means that there is increasingly lesser…

Healthy Living and Habit Monitoring Apps

Habit monitoring apps are designed to make lifestyles much easier and better guided by the available information in plenty. They can be adjusted to fit…

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