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Does Technology Make the World a Greener Place?

We have been heavily using technology in the past few years thanks to Moore’s Law approaching its theoretical limit. Most of us now have more than one device with us at all times thanks to such access to information and better networks connecting us all.

However, is this kind of access to information making it possible to reduce global reliance on paper for the many books we read? Does using technology make the world greener and will it be part of making the world more livable by 2013? Let us delve further into this in the next few paragraphs.

In the past, most access to information was through paper and spoken words. People had to be given books to learn how to read and in such a manner, they started gaining access to information.

With this access to information came the need for more information which mostly meant that you kept looking for more printed works that you loved and had developed an interest for. It’s a wonder how long this would have lasted if we did not have technology just in time for the compilation of our looming problems as humanity as a whole.

With modern technology, it is much easier to gain more information without having to print out a whole tonne of paper to obtain information. We have all developed different interests and as such, have formed different digital footprints. It has also gotten much easier to learn new things which lovers of information have followed keenly.

However, has all this easy access to information made it easier for humanity to improve their lives? Is it getting better to upgrade our lifestyles, live healthier and invest wiser with the access to the information we now have?

Well, the internet makes access to information easier and the consumption of small devices with days of charge in them makes it all the better. Less paper is used up in disseminating tons of information and the world becomes greener, cleaner and more sustainable for a growing race.

People make use of information in different ways, which is why our lifestyles are the same independent of the experiences we get to pass through in life. One would assume that user information would be the same but people have evolved in varied manners.

Does Your Access to Information Make You Think Greener?

I would like you to think about this for a moment, here. Is your access to information making you think positive about the state of the world? Does it make you more involved in efforts to make the world greener or do you simply skip the ad about recycling?

With easier access to information comes better lifestyles and safer living. On a personal level, it has made it easier for me to invest and develop the best kind of financial habits.

Growing up this way and access to information has made me able to save more and think about much larger goals in life as opposed to what I would probably daydream about a decade ago. I would say it has shaped most of my life since my exposure very early and I am happy about this.

What Technologies Would Make Your Life Better?

If it were up to you, and it mostly is, would you like technology that reduces dependence on fossil fuels? Would it be a step ahead of savagery and reliance on fuels that have caused wars in the past? With electric vehicles in mind, I think it would be the right nudge towards the evolution of an ending race.

The increased use of electricity has also made people think in a different way about the kind of fuels that they use and the growing need for sustainability. With the advent of bitcoin and other technologies that rely on huge amounts of power to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a green move will be very suitable.

It will also make it possible for more people to gain access to technology even in remote areas that have not been reached by current government infrastructure. It is important having better access to information as it has made us forget about paper entirely.

Businesses are also getting smarter and agile in a changing world all thanks to technology which is making life easier and more organized for more people. As people get used to technology, so will their access to information and as such, they will be able to gain a better view of life and live better with all decisions they’ll need to make.

The growth of cloud computing is also making it possible for modern businesses to go green more effortlessly. Using digital information and records, businesses that have been using massive volumes of paper in the past will no longer have any need for this resource.

As such, less paper will be needed and the businesses will have started turning in the right direction regarding making the world greener. As more organizations turn to cloud computing, this impact is going to get bigger and as such, the world will start to improve and we will be able to grow in a better world than we found.

Your Contribution

At the end of the day, it is your contribution to all the change percolating around you that counts on your part. Are you going green? Are you embracing technology and the use of information? Is your life getting better as a result of technology? Behaviour is guided by our surroundings and the kind of information that we get in life determines our habits.

With access to information, your behaviour gets better and your lifestyle improves as you keep reading more, watching more tutorials and generally getting better at things that you love and have a massive passion for. Working on that project you have held off for eternities? Get technology to cut down the time, use more accurate information and make the best decisions that have a helpful impact on your life.