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Does Your Online Presence Matter?

Staying online gives us access to more information than we could ever have imagined our entire lives. We can go to Wikipedia, for instance, and read a ton of history about different things that align with our interests.

We can also use social media to reach our fans, interact with businesses that we are subscribed to, and even post live videos when the need arises. The more time we spend online means the more time we have access to information.

With the huge benefits that staying online has to offer, we tend to develop usage patterns and information consumption behaviours that hugely impact our lives. We also develop a digital footprint that is an impression of our experience with information which then enables us to represent our true selves on the internet.

How Much Time Do You Spend Online?

The amount of time that you spend on the internet and how much interaction you make with the websites and other apps that you visit. There are websites that you will tend to spend more time in comparison with the rest of the apps.

These are the websites that you love and have more value for you. They determine your online presence which is your unique digital DNA that identifies you on the internet. Your online presence is different from your digital footprint and is usually determined by how much information you submit to the internet.

For instance, when you fill in a form on the web, you are literally submitting information to the internet. This contributes to your online presence and the information about you on the internet. Hopefully, Cybersecurity measures are always in place to ensure that there are no losses of information.

Whenever you post information on social media, compose a blog post like this one, send an email to a colleague at work, or do any other online activity that involves you offering information to someone else, you are growing your online presence. Your digital footprint is a different story which we’ll get back to another day.

However, it is what information the internet has about you and how much you have gone through the vast web. Being a plethora of information, the internet is really diverse and interesting to people from all walks of life.

People get to meet others online, download music and videos, sync their source code to cloud-based GIT servers, and do anything they set their minds to. There is limitless potential in the internet which makes life much easier for people.

Your online presence determines your visibility and how easy it is to discover you on the internet. Having a reliable presence means updating your fans, audiences, and customers more about your business and what you have in store.

It also means being there to reply to comments and give general reactions such as emojis and GIFs. When you are easily reachable online, it is much easier for your customers to strike up a conversation that will get your business the audience it needs in order to make more sales.

An online presence alone has a return on investment no matter what your goal is. Whenever you are online for increased amounts of time, you are actually getting access to more information. You are also forming information sifting and sorting habits that will make you a better consumer of this useful resource.

How much information you contribute to the internet determines your online presence and the kind of searches that can be linked to you. For instance, posting more frequently on social media determines the amount of information that is available about your business or brand on the internet.

As such, it is easier to get discovered by potential customers which translates into more sales for your business. You can also get more interest in your product and services if you post more regularly bout them.

This can get you more sales and is a part of growing an online business that most people tend to overlook. With a good and visible presence on the internet, you will not only grow businesses and establish brands but also reach out to your audiences, followers, customers, and fans; connect with them and be part of their online daily life.

Importance of an Online Presence

Imagine being called to a Zoom meeting but you are half-prepared without a means of setting up. You choose the cleanest wall in your small room and point the camera in that direction. What kind of impression does that have in the meeting?

We do not know and maybe we will not but this goes to show the importance of having a steady, consistent, and reliable online presence. Ready availability, when needed by your customers, means more sales and subsequently, greater profits for your customers.

When you are available on Twitter to handle complaints and issues that are being faced by your customers, your business will be in a position to grow and scale up even more. An online presence ensures that your business is able to grow and attract new customers.

It is also useful for the establishment of your brand and enables your business to become sustainable when it concerns keeping in touch with your customers. With an online presence, your customers know what you are about to launch and the features to expect from your next prototype.

You’ll also get new sales and more leads with promotions and other seasonal offers on your social media pages.

Maintaining your online presence can be a tough battle to encounter but the benefits in the long term are great. You’ll get to have a better relationship with your customers by ensuring that their tweets are given a like and responded to if there is a need for an answer.

Your business will have achieved the best return on investment thanks to working to grow and improve your online presence.

Start by posting more content on your social media pages and if you are a blogger, get past that feeling and simply blog some more. You will love the feeling of doing it.