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Technological Tools to Help a Small Business Grow

Small businesses have a lot of potentials and this is evident in the kind of innovations they make while in their very early stages of growth. Some companies and small startups are able to get funded for their projects with very little in terms of prototypes and this is all thanks to technology. With the power of technology, small businesses can play a much larger role in the lives of their customers.

As customers embrace technology, so can businesses and this will also bridge the distance between the two parties. Growth is critical for small businesses which means that a means of keeping in touch with the customers is important.

Engagement with customers brings about feedback which is useful in growing the company. It is also important that businesses are able to present new products and services to their customers at the right time.

With this in place, the customers will not only be able to get the very best experience from your business, but they will also have an opportunity to interact with you on a closer basis. This is quite useful and can propel your business in a direction it will be likely to grow more sustainably.

Management of your business can also be made easier by the use of technology. For instance, you could use technology in terms of software to simplify the work being done in your business.

If you have a lot of records to take care of, there are different kinds of software such as spreadsheets for statistical data and databases for other kinds of records. These are the bare minimum for any kind of business and will determine the kind of productivity that is possible. A better setup for modern businesses is the cloud which provides instant access to information.


With all the data and new information that a business has to deal with, keeping up with increasing amounts can be difficult. This is even complicated further when the businesses are dealing with traditional paper records which are too much for the system and will not be feasible in any foreseeable future.

Spreadsheets enable you to keep up with the numbers and how much progress you have been making in the past. You can derive a lot of useful insights from the information in the spreadsheets.

For instance, you can extract trends from visitor information on your social media campaigns or even determine which time you have the most social media users interacting directly with your online business. Spreadsheets can be useful for analysis and other operations that require tabulated information in massive amounts.

With the use of spreadsheets, your small business can determine where it is not charting information in the right manner which leads to better progress for the business. When you have charted out patterns for a few weeks, you will be able to determine what exactly is needed to improve how your business functions and operates.

This will, in turn, lead to the growth of your business and you will have benefited more significantly from all the new insight you will have obtained. Spreadsheets are important for accounting work and will prove to be what organizations need to stay active and operational.

With these in your small business, you will have less work analyzing information which means that getting insight from new sets of data will also be easy. The spreadsheets are also easy to work with and you can do a lot of mathematical operations on the data with the use of formulas.

Additionally, spreadsheets can be used for improving the operations of your business and accomplishing common tasks more effectively. Working with spreadsheets can be really useful when you have a lot of unordered information to be put to order and ensures that your data is always put to good use.


When the business gets serious, databases will prove to be quite useful for your business. They are the ideal tools to use in managing larger sizes of information of varied types.

For instance, your entire business catalogue can be in the form of a database. When you update the information in the databases, such as adding a new record, the information on your website is updated to represent this change.

The use of databases makes it possible for your business to leverage information better such as automating functions that will be used to ease the processing of information. Additionally, modern businesses can also make use of databases to improve the accuracy with which they are able to make some of the decisions in their operations.

Patterns are easier to connect when you have ages of data to work with and when you have been maintaining a database for years, you will be able to join the dots more easily and get precisely what you require to improve your business. Databases are easier to work with for growing businesses since their increasing size does not present any serious threat to the capabilities of the business.

They are also easier to integrate into other solutions and can be presented in web-based applications quite easily. As such, your employees will get to have a better working experience while dealing with information and your online business will have accumulated information that can be useful at any time for keeping the business operational.


Modern businesses that are not utilizing the cloud cannot be able to stay competitive. The use of cloud computing is enabling enterprises to scale up and become more sustainable.

It has also reduced the cost of running businesses and made modern businesses process vast quantities of information easily. With modern businesses embracing cloud computing, small businesses can also make use of the opportunity. The cloud presents an opportunity that businesses should not miss out on.

Small businesses need backups to remain operational and the cloud is the one facility that can cater to all their needs. Keeping a business running can be tedious but it does help the business deliver the best services to its customers.