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The History of Android

Android is a mobile operating system that is used on android devices. It was started in 2009 by Google which was testing it as a platform for mobile and handheld computing. It is a great improvement over traditional handheld devices that used buttons to interface with the information and were not as well-performing as the Android devices.

Android started with a simple prototype that was grown upon and improved until more and more features started being added to the operating system. In the beginning, the Android operating system was simply there to act as a competitor to Apple and its iPhone operating system that has an app store and much more.

Android also got to get its own application store and devices started being shipped to various places with the operating system inside. The app store started attracting developers and lots of apps and fun utilities started being developed to meet the needs or interests of the users of the platform.

Early adopters of the android operating system were able to get apps installed onto their devices and got much utility out of them. The android devices also had sensors added to them to detect movements and gestures that were made by the user when using the device. This acted as a convenient means of user input and handling application was much easier.

As time went by, Android got to see an increased rate of adoption with hardware manufacturers coming to the forefront to design and manufacture devices that were android based and had all the hardware features that users would be looking for.

The users of these operating system features were able to fully utilize the capabilities in the device and this saw increased development in that sector. Research and development were also increased in order to improve the stability of the platform and the applications that were developed for the devices.

Developments in the Android world made it better and more in demand than other mobile devices and this saw it take a huge share of the mobile computing market which was a huge threat to Apple that son became forgotten as the android devices were much affordable and had a greater reach to the customers. Android devices were also upgraded to support the latest version of the operating system which was not left behind at all when the devices were being developed.

The android operating system was also improved and with the release, cycles came better operating systems which had enhanced support for the developers that worked to improve the features they include in their applications. Working on the Dalvik virtual machine, the Android operating system has become famous all over and is preferred for mobile computing tasks.

Developers are making better applications for the new releases of the Android operating system and hardware manufacturers are coming up with new devices that have advanced hardware features and processor specifications that make the customers want to obtain a device for themselves. These include powerful cameras and graphic accelerators for intense gaming and graphical tasks on the device.