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Sharing your Internet Connection

An internet connection that is meant to be shared should be set up in such a manner that it is both welcoming to new users and secure for all the people that are making use of the connection. This is the reason it is advised to be discreet with sharing your internet connection as not observing the security protocols in the first place can lead to hackers getting inside your network and causing a lot of loss.

This is also a reason to be more aware of the nature of the connection you are setting up for your friends to make use of whenever they are around and with a strong internet connection, you are also encouraged to make sure that the sharing happens securely.

For instance, you can set a password on the network that you intend to be used by all friends around and share the password with them. In this way, they get to have a secure means of getting onto your network and making use of the internet connection that you intend to share with them.

The use of the password ensures that only you and your friends are making use of the connection and nothing can get in the way of you and your friends making use of and enjoying the internet connection you are sharing with them.

Additionally, you are encouraged to set up your internet connection in a manner that will not limit the connection and usage of the network by sharing the data load evenly on top of the network. This, in a way, ensures that you can take on the downloads that your data-hungry friends will be making over the internet connection in addition to balancing the internet load to ensure that none of your friends are missing out on the data.

An internet connection can be shared by setting up a hotspot or Wi-Fi network that is WPA secured with a passphrase known only by your friends and the people that you are currently sharing the connection with and no one else. This will also lock out the parties that are not invited to the internet connection and make sure that you and your buddies get the most out of the connection.

As this goes, the users of the network will be able to make better use of it securely without freeloaders taking advantage of open networks that are not secured to download huge files and stream multimedia which places a strain on your internet connection.

No matter the scenario in which you intend to make use of the internet connection, you should always watch out for the setup and the parameters that determine how the internet connection gets to be used such as the amount of bandwidth that each of the users gets to enjoy.

By doing this, you will have not only gotten them a secure connection but also made sure that they can make more use of the internet connection without worrying about losing data or too many uninvited guests getting onto the data party.