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Ensure Business Reliability with Distributed Databases

Does your business struggle to keep up with the demand from customers? Are there frequent outages and downtime? Can your customer find you anytime they need to buy something from your online store? Are you well protected from denial of service attacks that might result in service outages for your business? 

These are worries that business owners face when they have not appropriately invested in keeping their online services running. A good infrastructure ensures that your web services, websites, and web applications are running correctly and are reliably accessible. 

Reliability for your business is critical as it prevents customers from losing faith in your industry. If you are a reliable business, you will be easily accessed by your customer, and as a result, you will be able to bring in more revenue in this way. The reason businesses are encouraged to invest in reliability is that the customers are always looking for a company that will meet their needs. 

When the business is always available and has infrastructure capable of performing reliably, the customers will get what they are shopping for on your website. They will also be more likely to make purchases, which means that profits will be a guarantee for your business. 

Importance of Reliability for Businesses

It is essential to invest in reliability for your online business as the internet is one of the main ways to provide services to your customers. When you are easily accessible online and available all the time, customers will be more loyal to your business. They will always turn to your website every time they need to purchase something from your online store. 

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For your online business, you usually require a means of keeping track of all your data. A database is one of the most efficient ways of storing large quantities of the information displayed to your customers through your website, mobile apps, and web applications. 

Your business will store all the information about customers, stock items, and the transactions being made on the platform with the database. The database will ensure that customers can always find items they require whenever they need to. With the database, it also becomes easier to populate the web and mobile apps used by the business to do shopping on the internet. 

All the available items can be retrieved from a simple search and shown to the customers from the database. Whenever the customer is shopping on your website, they will type in the items that they need to buy if they are not listed on the main page. 

However, if you have a database for the customer and their past searches, you can easily personalize their main page to ensure that you list related items. The recommendations and suggestions will benefit your customers as they will make their shopping experience more accessible, and they will spend less time looking for items and products to purchase on your online store. 

Business Availability

Your business also needs to be accessible at all times, and when you have a database, the customers will always be able to find what they need to buy on your online store. With the database, you will easily retrieve results and ensure that more purchases are being made on your website. You will also be more profitable when you provide reliable services to your customers. 

For this reason, you must invest in an excellent online service that will give the best experience for your customers in addition to being more reliable for them. This will ensure that you get more customers owing to the dedicated nature of the services that you provide to them. 

A distributed database is one of the best strategies for reliability in your business. When you use a distributed database, all your data will be easily accessible by your clients and your customers. Your customers, for instance, will be able to find a server that is close to them to provide results for their searches. The server will shorten the response time from the server and make the experience easy for the customers. 

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The use of a distributed database also reduces the waiting time for the customer, and whenever they are doing shopping on your website, they will be able to carry out their transactions in less time. The reason your business requires a distributed database is to reduce the likelihood of failure. 

Distributed Databases

A distributed database is usually designed in such a manner that there is no single point of failure. All the nodes are the same, and there is no central node. There will be fewer chances of hackers breaking down the entire database network since not all the nodes will go down. 

The fact that several nodes are used for the distributed database also means that the overall performance of the database is increased, and it becomes a lot easier for the users to obtain results from the database. Even when the overall health of the distributed database is not good enough, the services will still be available. As such, the business will have a minimal level of activity. 

It will be able to render services to its customers and conduct transactions such as purchases from its customers. The design of the distributed database also makes the database more resilient. No matter what operating environment the database is being hosted in, it is a distributed database that has better recovery strategies and fail-over techniques. 

When the load is too great on any of the nodes on the distributed system, the database will distribute the load to the other nodes on the same network. With this in place, it will become easier to maintain the entire system without crippling any of the servers or nodes on the network. For this reason, your business will be better off with a distributed database.

Reliability is one of the benefits that you gain when you work with a distributed database. The distributed database will provide data at all times, and no matter who connects to your web and mobile applications looking for new information, the database will always be there to offer them the information they need. The distributed database can also cluster related services together to increase the response time for the applications. 

The users will not have to wait long before getting their results which will mean that your business will be more reliable. Customers are known to access your online services around the clock, and whenever they are accessing these services, they will expect reliable services. This means having a server that will handle their requests and take care of all their online transactions for the business. 

It also means having a database node close to the customers to provide them with the data they are looking for. The customers will be able to do a lot more business when they work with a reliable company. With a distributed database, the business will be able to render better services to its customers.


One of the best distributed databases is Cassandra. Cassandra is a distributed database that hosts the same database across several nodes and clusters, spread out across several data centers and cloud servers. The database has been designed to take care of distributed data services and ensure that services are brought closer. 

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When searching, the database uses the closest node to handle the search. For the customer, this means instant results, which translates into a better experience for them. The database is also scalable and can work with growing data with much ease. As businesses grow, they tend to store a lot more data in their databases. 

The catalog, for instance, might get larger over time, which means that handling the growing data will be a lot more complicated. Scalability makes it possible to use the database even when the amount of the data is still growing. Cassandra has been designed to be scalable and reliable across several data centers. 

It is ideal for real-time applications and ensures that results get back to the user quickly. There are no extended waits when using Cassandra, and your business gets to be more reliable when working with this type of database. Even when you store hundreds of gigabytes of data each new day, the database is still sturdy and strong enough to handle the growing data without breaking down. 

The database also works to benefit the users, such as the businesses, as they can grow to greater heights without the worry or fear of crashing down. The servers are also distributed evenly globally, thanks to various data centers and cloud service providers. These ensure that the database is available to all the users and reduces the time to wait for results from the application. 

Better Customer Service

A business will operate more efficiently when it is working with a distributed database. Without waits or long queues from the waiting customers, there will be a greater rate of conducting transactions for the business. The distributed database also provides for better security for the company. 

Even when some of the database nodes are under heavy attack, there are a better recovery strategy thanks to the distributed database. The other nodes that are not currently under attack will take over the processing load and minimize the effects of the attack. 

Infected nodes can also be taken down pretty quickly before propagating the infection to the other nodes on the network. Maintenance is also made a lot easier when working with a distributed database. The nodes that need to be repaired will be easily upgraded, and the appropriate maintenance tasks run.

Sustainable Operations

All this while, the other nodes will be taking care of the queries from the client applications, which means that the services will not need to be taken offline in their entirety. Only a portion of the distributed database needs to be taken offline when running maintenance tasks on them. At any one time, the business will not be entirely offline, which will make it more reliable for customers and the clients who use them regularly. 

Additionally, replacing components of the distributed database is pretty simple. Even when removing some of the nodes might affect the overall performance of the database and the system, replacing these nodes will be somewhat more straightforward for the database users and the business. 

The replacement of the nodes will ensure that the overall level of performance of the company is maintained and the customers do not notice any drop in the kind of services they are receiving from the business. When you take down infected nodes, you can easily replace them and redirect the excess traffic to the new nodes. As such, your system’s overall level of performance will still be at an acceptable level, and you will not need to be any worried about your comprehensive system. 

The reason for using a distributed database is to be able to provide reliable services to your customers. The clients you work with will always be able to access your services, and as long as there are nodes available to handle their requests, they will get a good experience with the apps they interact with. 

Substantial online businesses such as Facebook and Twitter have been using the distributed database for many years. These companies use distributed databases because their clients are distributed all across the globe, and providing them with reliable services is pretty essential. 

Better Performance

The business will not run into performance losses when they are dealing with their customers, and they will also be able to provide them excellent services by bringing the data closer to them. When the database is closer to the customer, the experience and interaction will be in real-time. The customers will not have any reason to complain about the quality of services they get from your online business. 

A minimum level of performance is required for any online business. Handling requests and queries from the customers require a minimal delay from the moment they hit the search button and when their page gets populated with the items they are looking for. 

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When the customer is looking for products to purchase on your online store, they should retrieve the results in very minimal time. There should be no wait for getting the results as the delays are attributed to a huge rate of dropped sessions on many online stores and internet-based websites. 

With lower waits, the dropout rate from your online store will be reduced, which will mean that you will be making more successful transactions. You will also reduce the cases of customers getting a bad experience on your online store. Whenever customers are looking for something to buy, they should get instant feedback from your databases. 

When they do, they will have enough time to go over the results and make their decision. When the customers get product listings, they usually have to mull over the results to determine which is the best course of action for them to take. Whether they will buy an item depends on whether they like it or not. For the business, all that you will need to provide is the results in good time.

More Revenue 

When you have provided timely results, the customer will have greater chances to decide to purchase something from your online store. The customers will also need to read through several descriptions for the products they are looking for before they can make a purchase decision. The customers will usually read through one or two descriptions before they can settle on a product to purchase on your online store. 

The use of a distributed database ensures that your online business gets to provides reliable services to all your customers. No matter where the customer is located, they will always access your services and check out the products they are looking for in less time. The fact that you have brought your services closer to your customers means that you will no longer have to worry about the quality of services you render to your customers. 

When you have a distributed database, your customers will get a consistent experience from your online store. Their access to your online services will take less time, and they will always be able to find what they are looking for. Anytime a customer visits your online store, they will always find what they are looking for. 

As such, the transactions that you can successfully make on your online store will be increased, and as a business, you will be bringing in more revenue. An online business will also be more reliable when it does not delay the results. In case there are no related results that have been found in the database, the website should be able to inform the customer that there are no results found. 

Instead of making the customer wait for a long time, the search results should come back in a matter of seconds. This ensures that a purchase decision is made pretty quickly. Recommendations and suggestions are also made possible by modern databases used to provide related products and services to the customers. 

Machine Learning

When you are working with machine learning for your online business, the use of a distributed database will greatly improve the performance of your machine learning applications. These applications will get to provide recommendations and suggestions to your customers based on their searches. The recommendations are useful for keeping your online customers informed about what your business has to provide them in addition to what is currently available in your store. 

The related products might also be interesting to the customer and cause them to make a purchase even when they have not been able to find what they were looking for. The use of recommendations has also been known to increase the check-out rate in many online stores. 

As such, the business cannot only make a greater profit from their online stores and web applications, but they will also be able o retain their customers. A better experience for the customers means that they will not have to spend a lot of time looking for items in the store. 

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The recommendations will reduce the time they spend looking for something on the online store. They will be able to locate what they are looking for in less time, which means that they will be able to check out much faster. The experience that your business can provide to your customer determines the reliability of the business and the popularity of your brand on the internet. 

When you are working to improve the services that you deliver to your customers, you will also be establishing a name for yourself on the internet. As such, you will also be ensuring that your business is making a profit. A reliable business should provide alternatives when the item that the customer is looking for cannot be found. The use of recommendations and suggestions has been known to improve the experience for customers on the online stores. 

The use of distributed databases has been known to power the provision of these recommendations since the machine learning application can easily work with the data no matter where it is located and provide timely results. As such, the customers will always be getting the information they need, and they will be more loyal to your online business thanks to the services you provide to them. 

Security and Scalability

Security and stability are some of the main determiners of reliability for an online business. Staying secure means that the quality of services that are provided to the customers is improved. 

Additionally, stability reduces the outages of services that are provided by the business. Whenever there is a hacking attack on the services, a distributed database will ensure that the business can survive the attack and not have to sever the services being provided to the customers. 

The customers will be able to keep receiving the services from the business, and at the same time, the business will also be able to deal with the hacking attack better. While the load is shared across the surviving servers in the event of the attack, the servers that have been affected can easily be taken offline and instantly replaced to ensure that the processing load is not exerted on the remaining servers. 

With a good number of server nodes keeping your distributed system running, your business will be able to stay running and active even when you are under a heavy cyber attack. This is also one reason businesses can stay more sustainable and stable even when operating in a hostile environment. 

The reason distributed databases are more stable is that they do not have any central point of failure. As such, they will not have to worry about the main node being taken offline and affecting the entire network of nodes. Any node that has been affected will not impact the rest of the servers, and your system will be able to perform much better since you have a distributed database. 

The use of the distributed database also means that your online business will provide reliable results to your customers. Your customers and clients will no longer have a reason to worry about getting what they are looking for on the internet. 

Faster Searches

When they visit your online store, for instance, they will spend less time getting the results they are looking for, which means that they will have a greater chance of making purchases and bringing in revenue for your online business. You no longer have to worry about your online business being reliable when you have a distributed database to ensure that you give them the kind of services they need. The quality of services you can provide from your online business is also improved when working with a distributed database. 

The fact that you are using a distributed database also means that you will be able to handle a greater number of customers for your online business. Even when you have a greater number of customers to work with, your online business will no longer have to be worried about handling these requests. 

A growing business needs a stable computing and database platform to handle its data needs. The use of a distributed database is one of the main ways of ensuring that your online business is stable and providing the customers’ services. The customers do not have to wait for long periods before getting what they are looking for. 

Additionally, serving more customers simultaneously makes your business more reliable, and you will also be able to grow and expand at your own desired pace. When you are online, the customer will always get personalized experiences since the database you are working with can be customized to provide related information to the customers. 

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As such, the customers will get the impression that they are getting services that have been customized and personalized for them. They will also appreciate the fact that you have worked very hard to bring the data closer to them, which will greatly hence their online shopping experience. 

Sustainable Businesses

Whenever you are working to keep your online business sustainable and manageable, using a distributed database will ensure that you can keep your business organized and running efficiently. You will also maintain a reliable business that will not disappoint or let down your customers. As such, you will instill confidence in your customers and increase their loyalty to your business. 

For this reason, you will be able to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships with the customers no matter what kind of services you provide to them. The use of distributed databases has been proven to be the main driver of growth for many online businesses and the reason they can keep themselves sustainable and easily maintainable for a long time. 

The businesses that have online stores will be able to avail their entire catalog to their customers when they are working with a distributed database, meaning that they will also make more sales. A business that is serious about growth and development on the internet should seriously consider using a distributed database. 

The database will ensure that the business can provide the best services to their customers and keep their services accessible at all times. It is important that your business can provide the best services that are also readily available from many platforms and a distributed database is one of the main ways for the business to achieve this. 


The use of a distributed database also makes your business more resilient and capable of standing up to cyber-attacks and other failures. Failures do not need to be a reason for your business to stop operating. They are easily taken care of by a distributed system that can be stopped in someplace but still keep running in the nodes that have been left. 

These nodes will ensure that the customers can get the services they are looking for, and as such, your online business will always be available even when you are running maintenance or replacing some of your nodes. When you have faulty nodes, the rest of the nodes will keep running. 

There will be no noticeable difference to the customers interacting with your online applications through their mobile applications and web applications. Additionally, the use of distributed databases will ensure that your online business can resurface after a cyber attack, and it will be able to run with much ease. 

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Defence from Attacks

Whenever there is a denial of service attack on your database infrastructure, the distributed database will not be entirely taken out. For this reason, there will be some nodes that will remain to provide services to your customers. A good business should be able to provide high-quality services to its customers. 

It should be available at all times and ready to provide the best kind of experience to its customers. With a distributed database, the business can perform better, scale up faster and even become more reliable. The experience that the customers will be getting from the business will also be high quality meaning that the business will attract more new business prospects. 

With a good database in place, the customers will always get the data they are looking for, and they will not have to wait for long before they can find the item or product they want to buy. Your online business will also be able to attract more customers, and in the end, it will be making more profit owing to the good quality of services that it will be provided to the customers. 

Modern businesses are also facing stiff competition from other businesses. The only way these businesses can weather the competition and still be relevant in their industry is by providing services different from those offered by the competition. 

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The use of distributed databases ensures that the business can provide the best services to its customers. The customers will prefer a company that can reach them more efficiently and eases the interaction between them. The online business also performs better when it has the needs and preferences of its customers closer to their hearts. 

Customers Prefer Reliable Businesses

The customers will be inclined to turn to the companies that can give them timely services while maintaining the quality of services they provide. Without delays in getting services, the business will make more profits and keep customers who are happy and fully satisfied with the nature of services they are getting from their customers. Modern businesses need to stay competitive and render the best services to their customers. 

With a distributed database, the company is assured of better performance and the ability to provide the best kind of experience to their customers. The customers will prefer a reliable business compared to a business that cannot stay online long enough to make a successful purchase. 

Keeping track of transactions over time is another task that modern businesses have to take care of. Even when the amount of data is increasing, the business still needs to refer back to the first transactions made on their ecommerce platform. 

Referencing the data requires a database that can make all this data available to the business for analysis. With a distributed database, terabytes of data are made available to the business, which can then use the data for improving their business processes. 

Additionally, modern businesses can also improve the quality of services they provide to their customers by using the data in their databases. No matter how far back the data and transaction history of the online business stretches, the use of a distributed database will ensure that the business can provide the required services and make necessary improvements to its business. 

Stable Business Infrastructure

A business infrastructure that incorporates distributed databases can last for much longer while improving the quality of services rendered to the customers. Ease of access to these services determines whether customers will visit the business or opt for the competition. 

When the business puts effort into giving the customers a better kind of experience, then the customers will be more loyal to the business. The use of distributed databases spreads out the data across the globe and ensures that each customer is close to data. With data closer to the customers, it is possible to create near real-time experiences and the quality that the customers could expect from the business. 

Online businesses can also weather the storm of cyber-attacks and other intrusions into their systems while also recovering from failure. When some of the nodes have crashed due to many requests coming in, the nodes can be taken offline for repairs and maintenance and, at the same time, get replaced with new nodes. As such, the overall system will not slow down, and the customers will be able to get the kind of services they would be expecting from the business. 

A crashed server means that the number of nodes available to handle the population of customers will have reduced. However, it is way better than having a single point of failure in your data storage strategy. When you deal with a distributed database, you eliminate the possibility of your entire system crashing. When you have this in place, you will also provide better services to your customers. 

Your customers will not be worried about getting services from you, and the business will be able to grow and attract more customers over time. The use of a distributed database will enhance the quality of services that you provide. As such, you will be able to attract more customers, which will lead to the growth and development of your online business. 

Less Failure

With fewer failures in your information system, the overall performance of your online business will be improved, and you will always have the needs and requirements of your customers properly and adequately taken care of. Whenever you need to make your online business more beneficial to the customer, a distributed database will give you the capacity to process massive information and keep your online business sustainable. 

Many online businesses have added an edge to their competitiveness by adopting the distributed database for their data storage needs. These businesses have been able to scale up fast and manage vast amounts of data with ease. In the modern age, companies have to deal with enormous quantities of data that can even run into terabytes. Such data requires a reliable and high-performance infrastructure to process. 

A distributed database is one of the best choices for keeping the business running reliably and providing the best services to its customers. Business development and improvement are also made possible by using reliable database systems and applications that can adequately take care of the business’s data storage and analysis requirements. With big data adequately taken care of, the business will not be worried about its scaling up. 

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Global Expansion

They will also be able to operate at a global scale with ease, which adds to the business’s revenue from their operations. The use of the distributed database will bring the services closer to the customers, which will also translate into a better experience for the customers. 

The online business customers will also be able to get products and services with much ease no matter what time of day or night it is. The business will always be there for the customers, and the customers will not have to worry about obtaining services and making purchases on the internet. An efficient business should take care of its data storage needs. 

The use of a reliable and high-performance database application is one of the main ways the business will accomplish this. With the help of a distributed database, the business will be more reliable and provide a better quality of service to all their customers. Upgrade to a distributed database such as Cassandra and take your business to the next global competitiveness and sustainability level. 

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