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Posts published in March 2021

Why Data is Never Really Lost

Data is useful for many reasons. You use it to keep your life organized and it enables you to make use of much more information…

White Hat Hacking

Testing your web applications and information systems for security weaknesses is very useful. It reveals where your weak points lie and what measures you are…

What Web Applications Provide to Users

Web applications are meant to give users functionalities they would get from normal offline applications but from the convenience of the web. Being web accessible…

What to Request for in New Software

Software is meant to handle our data processing needs. It makes us process information better and store it in a format that is easy to…

What to Measure in Determining Web Performance

Web performance is important not only for your websites, but web applications as well. Web applications are useful resources for businesses and other organizations that…

What to Know Before Installing a Mobile App

Installing a mobile application is a very simple and straightforward process. You simply need to head over to the app store, search for the app…

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