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What Moore’s Law Holds for the Growth Potential of Technology

According to the law of Moore, devices are expected to increase in power and capabilities over the course of time. This has been true for several generations of technology and will remain so for the considerable future. The law is not easy to break and has been a determiner of the pace at which technology has been advancing for a very long time. Devices are getting smaller and smaller but at the same time, they are also faster and more powerful. The processors are being fitted with a larger amount of computer chips that we originally though was possible. Chip and processor technology has also been advancing and the world of computers is really making progress by leaps and bounds.

Going beyond the normal rules of progress has enabled technology to catch up with the rest of science and boost its general growth. With faster processors comes more powerful capabilities and these can be used in research and development to improve the way we live and interact with data. Big data applications, for instance, are seeing a massive leap thanks to the use of processors that are several times faster and more powerful than their predecessors. Graphic processors are even going beyond this rule and breaking the rules when it comes to their advancement. New generations of graphic processors and GPUs are being heavily applied in bit coin mining. This is making the race for computer technology go all out with tech companies investing all they can on creating advanced processors and more powerful and faster chips.

The potential for growth of technology is still very great and there are no limits in terms of how far it can be able to advance. The new inventions and discoveries that are being made each day are making it possible for technology to progress at a rate that allows for new ideas and inventions to be made. Tech companies are not being restricted by computing resources and as the resources get faster and more powerful, so does the potential of these applications to handle and process a lot more information. The information that is being processed is also growing and without the growth in the speed and capabilities of modern computers, we would be at a standstill. Being able to take on the massive surge in information that needs to be processed makes us more confident in the strides we are making into the unknown future and our ability to handle our own evolution without crashing and burning.

In conclusion, the law of Moore has dictated the growth and advancement of computing technology in recent years. It has determined the pace at which technology has advanced and is the reason we are now able to carry computers around in our pockets. This is a massive improvement over the days where computers were huge and used to occupy an entire room. Now computers are getting faster and more powerful which is the reason the law of Moore is expected to hold for the next couple of years.