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Technology and Governance

Technology is making the government more streamlined and capable of reaching out to its citizens and giving them the services that are required to keep the government running without interruptions. The use of technology means that the government gets to render services to its citizens in the best way possible and in addition to getting services promptly, the government also gets to be better organized and it can keep the information to refer from for much longer and in a format that will be usable by the government for a very long time.

The use of technology makes the government able to reach all its citizens and with the power of information, they can ensure that the citizens can get timely services and reach the resources they are looking for without any problem.

Huge governments and countries that have massive populations can also rely on the power of technology to keep track of their massive populations and ensure that nothing gets out of track as far as maintaining the government is concerned. The use of technology for maintaining and keeping records also reduces the costs involved in running the government and the citizens will have readily accessible information to work with whenever they are in search of services that are offered by the government.

Holding events and other undertakings by the government are also made much simpler with the use of technology such as elections over the internet which has been witnessed in some of the countries that are starting to adopt technology to streamline service delivery to their citizens.

Getting feedback from the citizens is also much simpler through the use of technology and this also makes the participation of the public possible through the internet and other technological avenues that have been established to ensure that the public is involved in the running of the government through the open platforms that are offered for the citizens to use in reaching out to the government and getting the service and information they require.

Keeping track of the progress of any government using technology is also possible and made very simple thanks to applications and information systems that can keep track of information and huge datasets with much ease.

Governance can be greatly improved by making use of technology and this gets rid of the limitations that might be perceived by governments in terms of how much progress is possible and the realm of possibilities in terms of growing themselves and ensuring they can render services and keep their promises to their citizens while at the same time impacting the rate of progress that civilization can maintain when using technology to have better resources and amenities from the government.

The government is also more flexible when it is making use of technology to reach out to its citizens and it is open to the public through online avenues such as websites, web applications as well as mobile applications for easy, readily available access to government services.