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Mobile Operating Systems

Mobile devices are available in different shapes, sizes, and feature sets such as the amount of storage inside them, the number of processors embedded in the device and so much more. These features are used to set the mobile devices apart from one another in terms of the feature set as well as the usefulness they are expected to provide to their users. Mobile operating systems run the mobile devices and make it possible to work with information and interface with applications through the mobile devices in addition to gaining access to other services such as cloud-based services and other web applications that are easily reachable through the mobile devices.

Android devices run the Android operating system and this takes care of everything from the very moment that the device is booted up to when it has been reset. The android operating system contains features that are responsible for keeping the device running smoothly and efficiently as well as enforcing security features that will keep out malware and other bad files from the device. In addition, the operating system takes care of getting signals from the camera and displaying them on the device screen which is a useful multimedia utility. The operating system is designed to provide an interface through which android applications can be able to sassily interface with the device and leverage hardware features that come with the device.

Windows mobile devices run the Windows operating system for embedded systems that are provided by Microsoft.  The operating system enables the users to access many applications that are designed for the Windows mobile devices and this makes the productivity of the user to be brought to the fore as well as enhanced through their daily usage of the device. As a windows mobile user, you will also notice that the operating system is responsible for keeping the device secure and all the applications scanned and cleaned out of malware and other performance issues that could be a hindrance to the smooth usage of the device by the user.

Apple devices run the iOS operating system that has been specifically designed and manufactured by Apple for all its devices including the iPod and iPhone. The operating system is only compatible with applications that have been designed for Apple devices and released through the application store. Any applications from externals vendor will be rejected by the device and whenever you are installing an application, it gets to be scanned to detect any threats or anomalies in the source code as well as compatibility with the version of the operating system that is on the device.

In conclusion, mobile operating systems have been designed to take care of mobile devices and interface applications that are built for the devices to the hardware itself. In addition, these operating systems provide security features that ensure that the device is not lost and always traceable so that the user does not lose it. The users of the mobile devices are therefore able to interact with information on their devices comfortably and confidently.