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Microsoft Cortana

Personal assistant applications have been a myth for a very long time until Apple invented Siri, an assistant that has been equipped with artificial intelligence features and helps the device users to find anything they are looking for or accomplish something very easily. The artificial intelligence included in these apps keeps them in touch with everything that is taking place within the operating system, the file structure in addition to what is taking place on the internet. They are very effective search tools and will always provide answers and responses that have an attached context into what the user needs to find or accomplish.

For Microsoft Windows, Cortana is the assistant that has been released with Windows 10 and is very easily accessible from the Start bar of the operating system. It is capable of keeping up a conversation with the user and all you will need is to chat up the assistant and let her guide you over what you need to achieve. Cortana can be very useful in helping you trace down the files that you have stored in your computer as well as opening new files or creating new ones. Creating documents is also very easy and for the Windows mobile devices that run Windows 10 mobile, you can talk to the assistant and get everything that you want to be done carried out for you.

Online capabilities are also built into the assistant and whenever you have an internet connection, the experience gets even better. You get to receive the latest responses from the assistant not to mention accurate answers that have been referenced from the internet. Using the internet as a point of reference, the assistant will also get you better answers to your question and more accurate references when it has your online accounts within easy reach. These capabilities are connected to your email and calendar accounts meaning that you can have the assistant read for you all the unread emails on your account or even set up your schedule as you prefer to have it.

Windows 10 users have found the assistant to be a very useful tool that keeps them in touch with reality by being an active reminder of what they have searched or queued for the assistant to perform for them. It is also known to be smart in the nature of the way it handles the conversations and will most of the time be very ready with a response as long as the digital ice has been broken and the two of you are more familiar with one another.

In conclusion, Windows 10 has a useful assistant known as Cortana that lets you take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence from your start menu. From there, you can open other applications, play music, and schedule events on your calendar. The assistant is very useful and so much easy to make use of which means that you won’t need to try very hard to begin using it which makes the users of the assistant more productive and happier with the application.