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Importance of Stress Test for High Availability Applications

High availability applications are sensitive applications required to be accessible all the time and render readily available services to their clients. These applications are live applications and provide real-time results to their users from the information processed. They are typically used in remote working applications, such as in the mining industry. An example of the high availability application would be mining colonies that are far apart and requiring staying coordinated. These applications should be capable of keeping all the information they operate with synced properly. This means that the application should have all its running instances connected.

The applications are also frequently accessed by the users who keep on checking in to confirm one thing or the other. Employees at a company will keep checking into their online servers to get the latest information connected with the activities that they are carrying out. This then requires that the application is available at all times, and it should never be out of action at any one time. Another instance of the high availability of applications is in eCommerce applications that need to provide their clients’ continuous services. By being continually available, they can render the best services to customers who need to make orders and purchases all the time.

With a high availability application taking care of the transactions, it is then possible to offer ready services to customers who will never be cut off from the services they are looking for. Additionally, the eCommerce applications also need to ensure that all orders are handled in good time. This is a reason the application that is being used by the company needs to be always on and providing services to its customers.

Stress testing is a form of application testing that takes the application through rigorous rounds of test runs, which are intended to expose real-life conditions and loads. They simulate the application in an actual loaded situation, which requires that information is processed in a short time and the transactions handled separately to prevent a mix-up of information. This processing also makes the application’s strengths and weaknesses to reveal themselves, and the developers are then able to note areas that could do with a little improvement.

The stress testing also ensures that all the application possibilities for the application are considered and the likely results examined. The application that has been placed under high loads of information and has to process lots of information also reveals where they are stable and where changes and updates are needed. The developers then patch up the software from the stress test results, hence making it possible to make the software better, stronger, and more stable before it can get released to the users who need to use it. The stress test eliminates the likelihood of the application failing when it is in actual use and gives the users the confidence to rely on the application to fulfill their needs.