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Posts tagged as “performance”

What Makes a Computer Slow?

Making use of any computer can be either pleasant or downright unpleasant. The performance that you wish to derive out of a computer will be…

Tracking Application Performance

Applications that are used at the workplace and those that are installed on your device tend to vary in their levels of performance. This follows…

Optimizing System Performance

System performance is something that is desired by many parties that are in the information age. For instance, a system that can provide timely results…

Multithreading and Application Performance

Multithreading is a concept in computer architecture that makes it possible to run the source code of an application on several threads of the computer.…

Multicore vs. Single Core Performance

Computer performance is usually determined by the amount of processing power it possesses which is derived from the number of processors that have been embedded…

How RAM Affects Computer Performance

Random-access memory is a part of the computer hardware in charge of the temporary files used to enhance the performance of a computer. The memory…

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