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Setting Strong Passwords: A Simple Tutorial

Strong passwords are a useful means of keeping your information and online activities safe and secure at all times. Whenever you go about setting passwords, strong passwords will be highly recommended as they tend to be more effective, delivering reliability and performance you would not get from any other type or form of digital validation. The stronger your passwords are, the harder they will be to crack which means that hackers will have to brute-force and wait for a very long time before they can get the correct combination of letters, numbers and symbols designed to make hacking into your information much harder and complicated for these malicious individuals. The strength of your passwords also means that you will be more confident with your interaction with information, making use of the digital world and being generally efficient about how you keep your valuable digital assets safe and secure from hackers. Taking the time to set up a strong password is highly recommended for everyone conscious or aware of their need to keep information safe and secure at all times.

Additionally, the use of passwords means that your digital life is unique from that of any other individual on the web, adding to the fun and memorability of the experience. A digital footprint is what you form on the internet and as you go about doing what you love, visiting the pages you love and accomplishing so much more on the world wide web, good passwords are recommended. This is the reason we have set up a simple password-strengthening exercise to see how strong a password we can make. To make it even more fun, we have turned it into a game that will only take place in your mind while for the rest of us, it will be simple guidelines we can use to ensure that the every day passwords we create are strong and powerful enough to defend against hacking and other attacks of a brute-force nature.


Think of a blank space of any length between six and nine. In this blank space, we will set our strong password that will act as a powerful means of protection for all our information, digital assets and anything you deem of value or importance in your digital life. Our blank space could use some numbers. Choose three of your favourite numbers from 0-9 and spread them out across the blankness of the space you have formed. Now, we have three numbers filling in three spaces in our array of nine password spaces. Plenty more to fit into our password, right?

Stage Two

At this stage, we have three spaces used up and need to ensure that we have a fair mix of characters in our forming password. Now, we need to turn back to the letters of the alphabet in search of a good number of both small and large letters. Anything in the range a-z, A-Z will be viable as a candidate for our password and three of them in the right mix will be quite sufficient for this stage of our password creation game. Ensure this is also done evenly to leave out enough gaps for the next stage of the process. Hold on tight as we venture off into the strange but exciting world of symbols.

Stage III

Symbols are useful means of communication that have lingered for millennia and have passed on information and knowledge between generations for centuries. The use of symbols has mostly been used to shorten communication and made the passing of information between parties that are mutually close to one another easier, less complicated and more productive. They make use of shared information and are closer to encryption than other forms of communication. With the rest of the spaces we have left from our initially blank array of your desired length, fill in different symbols and be sure to be as unique as possible about it. Your choice of symbols will determine the overall strength of the password and ensure that your information is always safe and secure. With the symbols slotted into the right spaces, your password is just about complete and you have yourself the best, simplest password in the world. Hopefully, this has been a fun experience in your mind and nothing, not even someone has noticed that you do not have a massive, powerful password of your choosing at your disposal to secure anything of value or importance to you in the digital space. When you have played this game several times in your mind, you will quickly get used to setting secure passwords and your information and digital life will be completely safe and secure from all kinds of online threats. Hackers might be getting better but you can get much better than them and stay ahead of their learning curve with much ease and grace.

Strong Passwords

These are the best way to keep your databases encrypted and with such a simple exercise, you will find that the assets that are valuable to your digital self will be much easier to keep secured and away from digital harm of any form, manner or kind. Additionally, powerful passwords that are fun to make will ensure that your digital life is secured in all aspects and safe from threats lurking in the dark corners of cyberspace. With these useful tips in mind, it will be a lot easier to keep your passwords strong and keep hackers away from your information systems and other digital assets. Whenever you set new passwords or change the currently existing ones, the algorithm we have outlined above will be quite useful and will ensure that your information is kept safe and secure from all manner of threats that might be on the internet. With a fun means of setting up a strong password, you will also be likely to keep more of your digital life private and accessible to nobody else besides you.


Passwords are a useful way to keep your information systems, web applications, social media and other aspects of your digital life safe and secure from all manner of threats. Whenever you set a new password, the game we have played above will prove to be precisely what you need to set strong passwords that are fun and easy for you to remember. Additionally, you will also be keeping your digital life safe from hackers and malware; a critical ingredient for safer digital lives.