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I Await My Reinstatement

Hello guys, I hate to start my blog post on such a note, but it has been a hectic month of traveling for me. I have had to see several doctors to get a report for school. On the sunny side, I am trying to return to school, which means I will use the textbooks I shipped last year. It is also a life change for me, moving back to a deeply familiar place with a stronger intent in life and a constantly evolving pursuit.

It has made me reflect on life and how far we have come from it. I’ve had my share of challenges, such as sleeping early but coming from city life, this has slowed down for me. I’ve enjoyed the sleep, but it has not been much good for me, and I might stay up longer to see how much better I can enhance my timetable.

Being allowed to return to university will be great for me, and I know that I won’t slip this time with my determination. I’m set to understand everything I read and solve equations and all other things I must get through to resume my studies.

My fourth-year units are also halfway complete, and I must work on clearing all resits to return to my life-long passion. Computers and programming have been with me since way back, and as I’ve gotten better at both, I’ve come to cherish the depths and lengths we all come from to make valuable information for all humanity.

I rent a new place ( the wi-fi is decent), and this means it has been a challenging start for me. However, I have gotten a fully functional website for the game that is under development ( Things are not entirely settled, but I am glad the pace has picked up a bit which means that I’ll be ready to tackle whatever lies in my way and clear campus as soon as possible.

My web design skills are also improving; hopefully, my backend development skills will be as good. I am working with Linode, which has good servers with a reliable network and performance. They have helped my development journey a great deal; the game will be ready for testing in a few months. I love the challenge of working with the cloud to create a real-time experience for gamers and develop secure experiences for everyone.

Much lies ahead; hopefully, I will deliver gamers’ gaming quality on their devices. I will do my best and ensure this is done in addition to continuing my studies and doing the best I possibly can. It doesn’t sound straightforward, but I am sure I will be up to the challenge and anything that comes ahead.