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Gaming and the Cloud

Think about games you had played from when you were tiny. Typically, these games require that you have a friend close to playing. Thanks to technological advances such as the internet and cloud computing, your friends can be several continents away, but you still have a live game as if you were seated next to one another. With cloud computing, devices are synced in real-time so that you can see your friends’ moves while making them. This is quite important to maintain a realistic and believable gaming experience.

It is also useful when your friends are far away but still connected. These days, you have access to millions of facilities and resources with a connection to the internet. For gamers, the main facility is the cloud which assigns them a server to coordinate and manage their game. The other one which is essential but often overlooked is the network.

A fast and reliable network is a requirement for modern connected games. This is also because network latency must be low for realistic game experiences. With a strong network backbone, accessing cloud resources in an instant is possible, and you will also have better access to streaming and storage services.

The moves will also be updated faster on your end so that you can start thinking of a countermove early. With the cloud, all the progress made within the game is saved, and you can also get other valuable footage from the cloud.

Additionally, the cloud has regular backups, meaning that your history is well-preserved and intact as a player. Gamers will find the cloud to have more than they are looking for, and with the progress being made by technology, the cloud will become even more popular.