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The Danger of Using Cracked Software

Software that has been cracked to bypass license checks can be dangerous for you. In this post, we look at cracked software, why it exists, and some of the reasons it might not be safe for you. Whenever you need to use an application, look for the trial version or look for discounts to obtain it at a lower price. You can also keep in touch with the software vendor for new offers and promotions on the software applications. The vendors usually create free trials for their applications which can be enough to get you through the project that you intend.

Cracked software has been modified somehow, which means that it is not as good as it originally was. When you do not have an idea who cracked the application, they likely modified the program to include their malware embedded into the cracked versions of the software. When you install cracked software on your computer, you will be able to bypass validity and genuineness checks. Still, at the same time, you will also be bypassing security measures and access privileges on your computer.

When you are installing the cracked software, you might be asked to turn off your firewall or antivirus software for a while to avoid detection. This is the application asking you to lower your guard to get infected by malware and some other nasty software that will eat up your computer resources and affect your productivity. As such, you must be aware of the dangers that you usually expose yourself to when you install cracked software on your computer. Once you are aware of the risk of the cracked software, you will be better informed when you need to make use of a particular software product.

Less Effective Defenses When Installing the Cracked Software

Your firewall and antivirus program is intended to keep your computer safe from malicious software and viruses that might get installed or downloaded from the internet. These applications have been put in place to ensure that your software works as intended and any nasty kinds of malware do not infect you on your computer. Without these applications, your computer would be too weak to defend itself, and you would have hard time managing infections and the integrity of your applications.

Whenever the firewall and antivirus applications have been temporarily disabled or turned off, you will have exposed your computer to infections and damage. Once your defenses are turned down, the malware will jump at this opportunity and dive directly into the core of your operating system. The lack of proper firewall defenses will also mean that any applications that can be installed over the internet will be installed on your computer when you visit suspicious websites. Additionally, there will be no guidance when using the internet regarding the safety of the websites you visit and what malicious websites lie ahead.

Your use of the internet without a firewall is hazardous and can lead to your computer being exposed to many dangers. The websites that we visit will likely lead us to other websites that will download software to our computers without our permission. These websites will usually have been flagged and blocked by the firewall, but when the firewall has been temporarily disabled, then the software will automatically install itself on your computer.

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The lack of antivirus software will also cause your computer to download files and make changes to the operating system without you noticing anything. This can be taken advantage of by hackers who can infect your computer with applications and scripts to be used to mine their bitcoin or carry out distributed denial of service attacks.

Whenever you install cracked software, your antivirus applications will immediately alert you of the danger you are about to expose yourself to. The antivirus application will even prevent the processes involved in installing the new software from running, which means that you will not be allowed to install cracked software while the antivirus program is aware. The firewall will also detect the malicious and illegal processes running on your computer and stop them immediately.

Additionally, the antivirus application will delete the setup files of the cracked software. The application is flagged as malicious because the cracking process does not leave the software in the same state as before. There will be a change to the signing salt of the software when it has undergone modifications. The firewall and antivirus programs will detect this as an abnormality hence a danger to the safety of your computer.

The antivirus program will not allow you to install the cracked software. To proceed, you will most likely turn off the program to bypass the safety measures that have been put in place for your safety. When you have turned off the antivirus software when installing these applications, you will be giving the cracked software unrestricted and undeterred access to the internals of your operating system.

The application will often behave like malware when installing itself to hide the fact that it contains a different signing certificate than what the vendor released to the public. As such, the software will try to hide in your computer and change the name of its processes to mask its presence within your computer. This is the behavior that many malicious applications exhibit when installing themselves on your computer.

With your guards turn down, the cracked software will install without getting stopped by any application. At this moment, you will also have opened up your computer to many other dangers. For instance, if you are connected to the internet when installing the cracked software, turning off your firewall application will mean that software will be downloaded from the internet and installed on your computer without your consent. This is quite dangerous and can even mean that hackers will be able to get into your computer when installing the malicious software.

During the installation process, you will have lowered the defenses in place to protect your computer. This is when the cracked software will take a moment to install any other packages that might have been sewn into the software by the individual who cracked it in the first place.

The person who cracked the software could have easily added additional packages to the software to spread malware and other virulent applications to the people that install the cracked software. As such, you will have easily turned your shield to the side and let the enemy run you through with a poison-tipped spear.

Cracked Software Can Infect you with Malicious Software

Usually, your confidence in the cracked software lies in the application’s ability to work and whether it will be able to pass the usual verification and genuineness tests. If the application works, you will not even bother to look at what dragged in with it. The cracked software might be used for malicious purposes, such as installing rootkits on your computer.

The cracked application will easily install other applications that are also malware in themselves. These applications are intended to ensure that any further checks for the genuineness of the software that you use are bypassed, and the operating system does not look any further into the genuineness of the applications that you have installed on your computer.

Hackers can easily use cracked software to distribute nodes for use in a distributed denial-of-service attack. The use of cracked software is the best disguise to distribute such applications. The software installs itself in the background will not even be detected by the operating system. As a computer user, you will not even be able to detect the additional software that has been installed alongside your cracked software.

The hacker will make use of this opportunity to install their software on your computer. These software applications added to the cracked software by the hacker will be used to spy on your computer, carry out cyberattacks on their behalf and even monitor your computer. Some of the applications are so dangerous that they can stream a live feed from your computer camera to the remote server that belongs to the hacker. As a result, the hacker will be watching you all the time after installing their spyware on your computer.

The use of cracked software is not advised, and it is usually considered one of the easiest ways to expose your computer to many dangers. Whenever you install cracked software, you never know what is installed beside the software, and as such, you could be exposing yourself to a lot of danger. For instance, your computer can be used to mine bitcoin for malicious individuals when you install the cracked software.

All the hackers will need to do is attach an application that will act as a hidden bitcoin mining client on your computer. Whenever you have idle resources on your computer, these will be fired up to mine bitcoin for the hackers and, as such, earn them an income from your computing resources. Whenever you install the cracked software, you will also expose your operating system to the danger of software that behaves like malware. Such software presents a migraine to the operating system as it acts like a rogue agent even when it offers you a proper function.

The changes made to your operating system by the cracked software also lower your defenses and make it harder to detect other rogue processes. When you install cracked software on your computer, the software’s modifications will prevent your operating system from functioning effectively and giving you the services and functions you are looking for. Whenever you install the cracked software, you will be changing your computer fundamentally, and this will have a significant impact on its overall performance.

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Most of the security checks that will have been inhibited due to the installation of the cracked software will mean that your computer will no longer be able to defend itself against malware and viruses. You will be slowly killing your computer by installing cracked software on it. No matter what kind of software you are installing, these applications have to bypass safety measures, which means that you will also be computing in a less secure environment. Your computer will not be as effective or efficient as it used to be due to installing the cracked software.

The individuals that crack software also have a habit of attaching their personal information such as websites and chat room handles in the software. These scripts can be used to send information back to the people that cracked the software. The information could include details about your computer and the operating system that you use.

The information will expose details that can be sued to select your computer as a possible target to attack. The hackers will be able to use the information gathered from the cracked software to create a list of potential computers that they can hack into. The people that cracked the software will be able to use it for their malicious purposes. Your installing the application will be for their gain, and you will be furthering their cause by installing the cracked software.

It is not advisable to install cracked software on your computer. No matter how useful the software might be, there is very little to convince you or me that the individual who cracked the software did not spice the application with some custom code of their own.

The cracked software is likely to be laced with software code and modules intended for some other evil purposes. By installing the cracked software, you will be exposing your computer to more dangers than opting for safer alternatives. It would be much better to opt for safer alternatives which we look at next.

Safe Alternatives to Cracked Software

Instead of installing cracked software on your computer, installing legal and genuine applications is much better and safer. The use of genuine software is so much better than cracked software. No matter what you intend to accomplish with the software, there are still usage options that will not require you to bypass any laws or expose your computer to any dangers.

When you install genuine software on your computer, you will not be required to turn off your firewall or antivirus software. Additionally, genuine software will be a boost to the software vendors who will have statistics to use in improving their applications.

When you need to carry out a given project that requires a particular application, you do not always have to get the cracked version of the software. When you are getting the software, you can install a trial version to use for the duration of your project.

There might be a few notifications that will pop up now and then, but you can always uninstall the software after you are finished using it for the sake of your project. As such, you will not have expired software on your computer, and you will also have finished what you had intended to do while on trial for the software.

The use of a trial version of the software will give you access to all the application features, albeit for a limited time. Whenever you install a trial version of the software, you will be able to use the features you needed in the software. Your project will make progress, and you will not be behind schedule as far as deliverables are concerned.

Additionally, using a trial version of the software means that you can always get updates and announcements when there are offers from the software vendor. The software vendor might ask to send you occasional emails to inform you about the latest offers and promotions. These are valuable emails and can even get you an extension on your trial in addition to terrific discounts on the software.

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When you use the trial software, you will not bypass any security measures intended to protect your computer. There will be no need to turn off your firewall or antivirus software to make use of the trial software. The software will install itself without raising any flags, and within a short while, you will be able to use it with much ease. The trial will also have a counter that will be registered in your operating system.

The countdown will act as a reminder of how long you can use the trial software. You can even time your project to use the trial software in the duration that you need to accomplish something. For instance, if you need some quick accounting in your project, the installation of the trial project to coincide with the working out of the accounts will be an effective way to make better use of the software. You will be able to use the software when you need to do the accounting, and once you have the results you need, you can always uninstall the application.

Trial software is only temporary on your computer, and once your trial period is over, you can uninstall the software. Alternatively, you can use coupons and discount codes to purchase the full version if you are pleased with the software. Trying the software is intended to give you a brief demonstration of the capabilities and features available in the software application and how these can benefit you.

When you are working with the trial application, you will be exposed to the intricate details behind the nature of the applications, which will also help you get more familiar with the application.

It is recommended that you use a trial version of the applications you need in the long run to get a feel for what it is like to use the applications in the first place. It allows you to know how the software is structured and how it can benefit you as a software user. Before purchasing the software, ensure that you first install the trial and know what all the features are. The trial will also make you more familiar with the application and determines whether you will be able to effectively use the application or not.

When you do not want to try the application momentarily, you can always search for open-source versions of the same applications. There are open-source alternatives for most of the software applications that are in existence.

A brief search on the internet will present you with open source software that you can use for the same purpose as you intended with the paid application. The benefit of open source applications is that they are free to use, and you can even modify the application to better suit your needs. For instance, if you need your software to be importing files of a particular file type, the use of open source will let you make these modifications yourself. As such, you will get to use the software as you would have intended.

Additionally, you will not have to pay for anything to pay for the software except perhaps acknowledging the software application developer. Open-source software is still as effective as the other applications that you interact with daily. It can be a better alternative to cracked software, which brings a myriad of problems and safety risks to your computer.

Instead of installing the cracked software, installing the trial versions of the same software would be much better. This will get you a few weeks or months of usage of the application. Additionally, using software trials means that you can try as many different applications as you want.

If the features are not in one of the software you have tried, you can find the same features in other software trials. The use of trials for software use can be beneficial when you need to choose the eventual software for use. With the trial, you will be introduced to the main features of the software application in addition to its ease of use.

Whenever you need to decide between different applications, it is recommended that you download and install different trial versions so that you are more familiar with the features and advantages of each of the alternatives that are available for you. The use of trial software is also safe and does not pose any safety and security threats to you.

Discounts are also another alternative to going for cracked software, and if you find the software to be too costly for you, the use of discounts will ensure that you can afford the application. The use of promotional codes when purchasing the software will get you the application you want at a fraction of the cost.

This will save you money and get you the same software you have wanted to use for so long. There are many sites on the internet that keep watch on different software vendors and inform you when there are discounts available for these applications. By searching the internet, you will find various discounts that will get you software at a much lower cost than you would have expected.

An even better alternative to cracked software is the cloud-based or online version of the software. Modern software vendors are turning to the internet as a means of software distribution. To make the online use of the software attractive to their users, they introduce trials and online discounts that ensure that you can use the same software online for much longer.

Software as a service and the use of cloud-based software gives you access to the same great and fantastic software features for a significantly lower cost. When you use the software as a service, you will only be charged for how you use the software. When you use the software for only a few hours each day, this will only accumulate pennies to your monthly bill making the software a very affordable and attractive option.

Online software also comes with additional features such as integration with your favorite cloud services, online storage, and so much more. As a software user, online applications and services will mean that you do not have to worry about where your files get saved. You can easily integrate your online drives with the online software, and all your files get saved to your cloud storage service.

This means that your files will also be safe and secure, and you will not need to be worried about losing any files. These additional services presented along the online software are meant to make your work online much more straightforward. No longer will you need to worry about offline files and other features when the online version of the software is so much lighter.

Additionally, the online software performs even better than the offline alternatives as it is not hosted on your computer. When you have the software hosted on the internet, it will be running on a more powerful computing infrastructure which will contribute to your productivity and enhance your performance.

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The cloud can also be turned into a playground for various applications. If the software you need to use is available on the cloud as a cloud-based application, you can quickly try it as a feature on the cloud and demonstrate the many features available with the software. The use of the cloud will ensure that your software runs smoothly and any files that you save from the application are saved to your cloud storage.

When you are using the free tier of the cloud, the cloud applications will also be free to use, and this will do away with the need to install or use cracked software. You never know what the person that cracked the software laced the application with, and your computer could be turned into a node in a bitcoin mining scheme when you think that you only got the cracked software.

There are many free alternatives for the software that we prefer to get in cracked form, and these have robust and compelling features, as the cracked software we risk installing on our computers and mobile devices. For instance, if you get a cracked game, the APK might have been modified to include code that will monitor your mobile device as you use the game.

The cracked software is not for laptops and desktop computers only. Even mobile devices can be affected by the cracked software, and they are particularly prone to these applications. Cracked software on your device can impact the performance of your device while posing a significant safety risk for you. Whenever you interact with your device, the application will be stealing data and monitoring your device in the background.

It could also take up more permissions than the legal version of the software requests for when it is installed on your device. This is a sign that the cracked app has more behind its shell than you would expect.

Instead of exposing yourself to many risks when installing cracked apps, it would be much easier and safer to get free trials, free alternatives, and online versions of the software. When you have a good connection, you can work online for the duration that you need to complete your project, and you will be able to notice a lot of productivity as a result.

Whenever you need to do something with the software, the online version can be easily configured to complete your tasks in less time. As such, you will have to avoid exposing yourself to safety risks and started a transition to a form of software consumption that is expected to take up much of the future of cloud computing.

Cracked Software is Bad for you

In general, cracked software is not advisable for use, no matter what device you intend to install it on. It has been known to include malicious code as the cracking tends to modify most of the functionalities that are presented within the application. Whenever you install the cracked software, you will not be aware of the code changes, and you will have gotten something that you had not intended to have on your device, to begin with.

Additionally, the use of cracked software is illegal even though you might not get arrested for it. The notifications that will keep appearing to remind you about the license on your computer will be very inconvenient for you. As a computer user, this will be a terrible distraction.

Making a move to open source is one of the best ways to get rid of all this headache and the worry of dealing with cracked software in the first place. When you use open source software, you no longer have to worry about licensing requirements, and you still get access to the same excellent and powerful features that you get with the other applications you use.

The use of software also means that you will be using the software for free, and there will be no requirements attached with using the software. Open-source software also prevents you from getting in trouble with the authority and is suitable for you.

You will be benefiting the open source community by being a user of their applications and getting to try out the many features that they have been working on perfecting and giving you bug-free applications that will accomplish the same feats that you would have with the cracked software.

The main aim of moving to open source is to avoid exposing yourself to unnecessary security risks. You never know what the cracked software might change on your computer, and the methods used to hide your software from detection are not conventional or even safe. They might make harmful modifications to your operating system, which means that you will end up with a computer that cannot work as effectively as you would like.

Cracked software has risks and disadvantages that far outweigh the benefits that you will derive from them. They will ask for excessive access to your computer and even exceed the boundaries of permissions they request on your devices. Additionally, they will cause you to ignore many of the safety warnings that will pop up when installing them, which will reduce your sensitivity to security issues on your computer.

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The cracked software often requires that you turn off your firewall and your antivirus application to bypass detection by the operating system. This is a safety override that is not recommended and also very risky for you. As a computer user, the firewall and antivirus software ensure that you are safe and secure from all kinds of safety threats. The moment that you turn these applications off means that all the dangers that had been lurking around will be headed straight for you.

Cracked Software can be Malware in Disguise

The people that crack software usually remove the validity checking modules in the application. We never know what else they do while they are at it, but are not restricted in terms of what they can do with the software. Any person that needs to distribute their malicious software can do so through the use of cracked software.

The users that install the cracked software will have installed the malicious software as well. If the person who cracked the application needed many computers to use for their gain, then the cracked software will be one of the most attractive ways to distribute the malicious tools. These tools can be used to spy on the computer, monitor processes, and applications or even act as a rootkit on the device on which the cracked software has been installed.

Hackers can also turn your computer into a zombie used to attack their targets. Once you are connected to the internet, the module that came with the cracked software will disassemble itself neatly and start executing the code responsible for carrying out the attack. Many cyberattacks that hackers perform require zombies to do the dirty work on the hackers’ behalf.

The use of cracked software can disguise the malicious software and get it distributed to as many zombies as possible. People usually install cracked software without any caution, which causes many of them to infect their computers unknowingly. The installation of the cracked software can modify the computer in so many ways and turn it into a node that will be used for the evil gains of the person that cracked the software and made the modifications in the first place.

Avoid cracked software and be safe from the malicious software that is hidden inside the package. No matter how sweet or lucrative or convincing the offer to installed cracked software might appear to you, the cracked software might have something far deadlier than you expect. It is much better to stay safe using trial versions of applications and through open-source alternatives.


Cybersecurity requires hosts to be infected to have greater leverage when they eventually carry out their cyberattacks. One of the main ways hackers use to distribute the source code to create zombie computers is cracked software. Modded and cracked software can be used to benefit the hackers, and it can cause your computer to be used for the hacker’s gain.

The hackers will include malware with the cracked software, which will later be used to take over your computer. You will not even be aware of the risk and threat you expose yourself to when you install the software.

The cracked software is not entirely what it seems, and as a wise computer user, it is much better to stick with the trial versions of the applications. Trial versions are practical to use and easily disposable when their valuable time has expired. Additionally, open-source software can save you from having to resort to cracked software for your projects.

Online applications are also an excellent alternative to cracked software. The use of software as a service for modern online applications that reside on the cloud has also lowered the cost of accessing software. You only get to pay for using the applications and not purchase the costly license for the application.

When you use the application online, you will get saved from having to purchase a license. Additionally, you will also enjoy the many other features that accompany the software when it is being used online. Features such as online storage, collaboration, and service integration are all available when using the software on the cloud.

Avoid cracked software as this can be very dangerous for you. Get trial versions and online software to carry out your projects. With this, you will be able to stay outside the grip of the hackers and away from all their evil intentions.