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Cloud Computing in Entertainment

We love entertainment and there is no doubt that we like to spend some of our spare time getting ourselves entertained. Entertainment is so much part of our culture that it has been embedded into our patterns. We have the weekends to unwind and take a break from all the work we have been doing over the weekend.

People have made entertainment their careers and have become very successful with it. Developers have dedicated their lives into creating entertaining content that will challenge our minds into new ways of thinking. In fact, entertainment is one of the most heavily invested industries in the world.

People have been able to make billions in the entertainment industry and a lot of new people are joining the bandwagon in the hope of making it. Entertaining people has been a career for many who have made it their dedication to serving others and keeping them thoroughly entertained.

Do you love movies? Are you interested in television series that will grip you and make you spend your entire weekend indoors? Well, entertainment has got you covered and there are a lot of companies that have made it their business to ensure that you are thoroughly entertained.

Staying entertained involves paying something in order to keep your subscription active. For instance, you have to pay for the services that come with your modern television set such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. These services are a form of content delivery services that dedicate themselves into giving you the latest content in the form of movies.

Once you have paid for your monthly supply of movies, you are given unlimited access to all the content that you can consume for the month. There are no restrictions once you have paid your monthly subscription fee which means that you have total control.

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Game providers are not different, they too will give you additional gaming services for a fee and this is how they are able to earn their revenue. Whenever you are playing online with your friends, do you ever take a moment to think about how the entire show has been put together? Do you know what platform is being used to connect the players to the game?

Well, if you did not, this is the perfect opportunity for you to find out how entertainment is delivered to you and what components are used in between to ensure that you have an uninterrupted supply of the content that you require.

In addition, we will see how business empires have been able to establish themselves around giving you a steady supply of entertaining content and what they have been able to achieve so far. With this information, you will be able to better understand what runs the content delivery that you rely on to keep watching your favorite television shows, series and movies.

In this post, you will learn about content delivery and hosting. In addition, you will learn about how entertainment and the cloud work together to ensure that you have your supply of movies, music and gaming content. Feel free to jump into any of the sections or read through them serially. 

Movie Streaming Services

Music Streaming Services

Cloud Gaming Services

Movie Streaming Services

Are you a fan of movies? Have you subscribed to Hulu, Netflix, or Prime Video services recently? If you haven’t, these are some of the most popular video streaming services on the planet. Once you have a subscription, you can stream as many movies and video content as you like at no additional charges.

It is one of the best ways for you to catch up on the latest video content that is coming out from movie-producing houses. It is also a popular trend for people during the holidays and they will be ready to subscribe to a video streaming service to catch up on their favorite shows. 

The movie streaming services get the rights to show the movie or television series from the producers and usually, they have to sign agreements and make deals with them before they can get the rights. Additionally, they will have to review the movie before they can include it in their catalog.

The reviews enable them to add rating information to the movies as well as a short description that makes it easier for them to guide you through their vast treasure trove of movies. Once they have the movie, they categorize it, write a description, and include all the additional information to enable you to dive deeper into the movie even before you start watching it.

In some cases, the movie will also be accompanied by a preview known as a trailer that you can watch instead of the entire movie. Watching the trailer allows you to get an overview of what the movie is all about and when you have this, you will be more likely to delve into the rest of the movie. 

You can always pause a movie and pick up from where you left off when you are not busy. In addition, these streaming services come with additional features that enable you to watch from several devices. This means that you can pause the movie on your smart television and continue watching on your tablet or smartphone.

The ability to watch from several devices is made possible by a concept known as identity management. This is used to ensure that all your devices are in sync and are made possible by the cloud. The use of cloud computing is the secret ingredient that has led to the success of these streaming service providers.

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The movie streaming services make use of the power of cloud storage to save up all their movie catalog in the cloud and make them available to you in the form of a smartphone, tablet, and television application. Once you have paid the subscription amount and logged into the application, you will be allowed to stream the content from several devices.

The use of the cloud makes it easy for you to sync the content that you are watching and you can stop watching on one device to keep on from where you left off. Additionally, the use of the cloud makes it possible for you to have access to a much wider range of movie choices.

The cloud means that you can search the vast catalog of movies that are available from the streaming service provider. With the search capability, locating your favorite movie or television show will take a very short time and you will be able to snuggle up to your pillows and enjoy the movie.

The use of cloud computing services by video streaming services has gained popularity and led to the rise of many service providers. Some of the providers are even willing to let you watch the movies for free for a month before you can pay for their services.

The vast storage space and amount of computing resources that are available on the cloud make it possible for them to let you watch for free for a month with much ease. The use of the cloud also makes it easier for the service provider to package their deal in a pricing format that you will love.

They are able to provide their services at a cost that is very low for any individual user which encourages more users and attracts customers who are looking for entertainment content. With the use of the cloud, the streaming service provider is able to provide their services to a lot more customers comfortably.

The availability of resources to render their services to the customers makes it easier for the company that offers the movies to the customers to provide their services across the globe with ease.

The streaming service provider will simply have to provide their data to all the storage locations on the globe. As such, the person streaming the movie will be receiving the content from the server that is closest to them.

The use of close servers also means that the content provider and content delivery will be of the highest quality. The use of the cloud makes it possible for the streaming service provider to provide their content in high definition format.

This means that the content can easily be enjoyed on your flat-screen television. It makes for maximum entertainment and ensures that you are enjoying an uninterrupted supply of movies no matter the time of day or night.

The use of cloud services is one of the main reasons why these services are so reliable. With the cloud, content delivery is efficient and very reliable. The cloud server that is closest to the user is used to deliver the movie and there is very delay before the movie starts.

As a result, the user gets to enjoy the best experience possible and they will be willing to pay for another month to get the same reliable and high-quality service they have been used to.

The use of the cloud makes it possible for the movie streaming service provider to give their customers the best kind of services. With the use of the cloud, it is also much easier for the provider to personalize the services that the customer receives.

They are able to get better recommendations and with their account being linked to their viewing history, they are able to keep track of their watching history. Additionally, the suggestions that show up in their movie list will be uniquely based on what they have been watching and what their interesting picks are.

In addition, the use of personal accounts for the streaming services means that the user can personalize their experience to suit their tastes. The use of the cloud will make it possible to favorite movies and create a list to share with others.

Sharing videos and starting parties are some of the other functionalities that are built right into the video streaming services. There are also other added features that are used to enhance the experience for the users of movie streaming services.

For instance, they can easily log into the same application on several devices and be able to watch from all the devices. Whenever one is moving around, they can use a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet to watch their movie or television show.

Once the person is settled in front of the big screen, they can transfer the movie to the device in front of them and continue watching the movie. This ensures non-stop entertainment without pauses or gaps in the experience. It is one of the best features that users of the streaming services are ever able to get from the streaming services.

Being able to continue watching what you have left playing on television on the other devices also makes it possible for you to move around without pausing the movie. As such, your entertainment is never interrupted and you will find the experience to be quite rewarding.

Additionally, you will not have to spend a lot of time tracking your progress through the movie. There will be no need to rewind the movie or keep forwarding in order to recover your progress on the movie. The use of digital content means that the consumption is also digital and you will not have to worry about losing track of your watching progress.

Most of the time, your progress is synced to the cloud and when you are logged into another device, you are able to restore your progress and keep on watching without any form of interruption. 

With the use of cloud computing, movie streaming service providers are able to give their customers a vast collection of movies. The users of these services will never run out of options for entertainment and the catalog is always being improved with new services.

The new movies that are being added also get a featured spot on the streaming apps which gives them more attention and any users that have been looking forward to the release of new movies and television series will be able to easily take advantage of these features. The use of the cloud means that the content will be streaming steady and the content quality will not drop in any manner. 

Thanks to cloud computing, streaming service providers are able to provide services to their customers. The end-users will be able to get a steady supply of fresh content and they will never be lagging behind in terms of new content.

With this in mind, you will notice that the companies that are able to make it in the modern world are the ones that are making use of cloud computing. Cloud storage, for instance, can be scaled up to accommodate as many movies as a streaming service provider can be able to find licenses for.

As such, the viewers are never lacking choices for when they need to watch new movies. The use of the cloud means that delivery is never a problem in addition to making it possible for the service provider to add more services to their packages. 

The service providers are able to deliver the best kind of services to their customers and all this is done at a fraction of the cost it would take the same provider if the servers were hosted locally. With the use of cloud computing, streaming service providers are also able to distribute their servers all across the globe.

The use of secure DNS services makes it possible to select the closest available cloud server to stream your movies from. This will ensure a high quality of content in addition to keeping your experience steady.

The performance and level of services that you are able to receive will be the same no matter where you are on the globe. You will not experience any delays when it comes to enjoying your movie and as such, you will be able to have a better experience with the service provider.

The quality is also the same when you are using the cloud and the streaming service provider will be able to deliver faster speeds at a lower cost when they are making use of the cloud. The cloud is also secure and the content is usually encrypted while it is in transit to ensure that you are able to get the best quality of service.

The use of cloud services has been known to make modern streaming service providers be able to maintain a profitable business model. By relying on the cloud, they are able to reduce their operational costs which means that they can still be able to make a profit from the streaming service customers they have.

Adding new movies and making new deals with other companies is all they will have to focus on in order to keep and maintain their business for much longer. Thanks to the cloud, you can now get a steady supply of movies and television shows for an affordable cost. 

Music Streaming Services

Are you a lover of music? Are you a DJ? Are you a music producer? Well, modern music streaming services are designed to give you access to unlimited content to listen to all from the comfort of your web browser or mobile device.

Some of the applications can even be cast to the devices that are around you and as such, you will be able to share the joy of music with more people. If you have a smartphone with the music streaming application installed, enjoying music will be quite easy and you will not have to worry about steady streaming.

This is all due to the design of the infrastructure and system by the streaming service provider to ensure that you are receiving unlimited music in high definition. This is all designed in such a manner that you will not have to spend a lot on data and the compression algorithms that are used are some of the most advanced in the world. 

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Cloud computing features prominently in many music streaming services and some even have a name to match. SoundCloud is one of those services that has been designed to help musicians and producers discover the music that matches their taste.

With the online music services, all you need is a web browser that has the multimedia plugin installed and activated. Once you have visited the website where the application is installed, the rest will be as simple as selecting what track you want to play and the platform will take care of the rest.

The streaming service providers have also been able to add features to their applications to enable you to favorite the tracks that sound amazing to you. These tracks are saved to your collection and you can create playlists from them. If there is a musician that you would like to catch up on their music, you can search for them through the interface that is provided on the music streaming website. 

Some of the music streaming services are available in the form of a mobile app that you can install on your device. Usually, the services will require that you pay a monthly listening fee in order to access the advanced features of the services. These include the ability to skip unlimited tracks, save your favorite playlists, start a radio station from a single track, and download tracks you like for offline listening.

The applications will keep track of your favorite tracks and whenever you open the application, it will be ready with suggestions and recommendations for you. From the mobile application, you can organize your playlists and save them for later. The mobile applications are simply the clients to the cloud-based services that are designed to work with them.

From the cloud back end, you are able to interface with a vast collection of songs as well as features that you would not be able to achieve from the mobile application alone. The use of the cloud by the streaming service providers enables them to give you access to as much music as you want for a reasonable cost.

The applications do not charge much to let you listen to music and most of them have a free tier that lets you try out the various features of the application. In this way, you are free to preview what you can benefit from when you have a subscription. The use of free features does not cost the music streaming service provider any additional amount as they are relying on the cloud to provide their services.

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The use of the cloud by the streaming service providers makes it possible for them to render their services to a huge number of customers at a fraction of the cost. They are also able to deliver better features such as suggestions and recommendations thanks to the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning which can easily be integrated into the cloud architecture of the application and provide the best suggestions to the music app users.

The suggestions are based on the user’s listening history in addition to the tracks they have been listening to for a long time.

The machine learning features are easiest implemented on the cloud platform as this is where the applications have access to some of the biggest collections of music in the world. Reliable access to the music database also means that the cloud application will be able to study patterns in the listening activity of the users and find related tracks that they will also be more likely to make use of.

The use of the cloud means that the streaming service providers are able to provide all this to the customers at an affordable rate which means that with a growing number of users, they will have a sustainable business model. 

So, next time you are listening to music on your favorite mobile app online, you will be safe and comfortable in the knowledge that it is the cloud on the other side that is busy selecting the best tracks for you.

A recommendation system that is inbuilt into the back end of the mobile application ensures that you have a steady stream of new tunes that have been released and as such, you will never lag when it comes to your tastes and music selections.

Your music appetite will also be satisfied by the latest music tracks and top charts keeping you entertained at all times. Every time you open up the music streaming app, the magic taking place in the cloud ensures that you have a new music track added to the list. This is meant to keep you engaged and ensure that you always have music that is related to what you like to listen to. 

The use of cloud computing is what makes all the magic possible and makes it easier for you to find music more easily no matter what device you are currently on. As long as you have an internet connection, you will easily stay entertained no matter where you are or what your music interests are.

Spotify, Shazam, and SoundCloud are some of the popular providers of music streaming services that you can try out to really find out how the cloud is being used to give you daily services that you can take advantage of in the course of your day.

In addition, these services have personalization and sync features that you can take advantage of and listen to your favorite music from whenever you are in the world no matter what device you are using. 

Cloud Gaming Services

Are you a fan of gaming? Do you like your scores well saved even when you are moving between devices? The use of cloud is heavily used in modern gaming services and most games come with a cloud save feature.

The feature is meant to let you pick up from where you left from and none of your progress is ever lost. Even when you have formatted the device, reinstalling the game will restore all the data that had been saved to the cloud thus enabling you to keep on using the game and playing as if there were no interruption.

The use of cloud gaming services keeps your data in sync with the cloud and as such, you can make much more progress in the cloud. The cloud is being used to take gaming to the next level and ensure that players are getting the best kind of experience whenever they pick up their console to start playing their favorite game. 

When your scores are being backed up to the cloud, you also get to save your progress and scoreboards will be a true reflection of this fact. If you had made some awesome moves and saved them on the cloud, they would be a highlight of your player profile and the prowess that you have at a given game.

The use of the cloud is fast and takes less than a second to sync all the information that is on your local device to the cloud. The next time you connect your device to the cloud to proceed with the game, you will get the latest information synced with your device and you will not be backtracked in any manner whenever you begin the game.

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Some multiplayer games also have a live tournament feature that lets you take on your opponent’s head-to-head. These games are designed to be very competitive and the cloud ensures that you have a steady and reliable stream of all the content that is on the game.

As you go about playing the game, you will be able to see how your friends and opponents are faring in addition to your current position in the game. The use of live scoreboards in many games is also synced by the cloud and you will be able to keep track of your performance as you keep on playing the game.

Graphics are a factor of many games that determine whether someone will stick around and keep the game or uninstall it the moment they have played a single level. Well, the use of cloud computing is used to enhance the performance of many modern games.

With the cloud, only a portion of the game gets installed on the user’s device. Instead of installing the entire game at once, the levels are downloaded and installed on demand which means that your device is able to perform well enough for you to enjoy the game. The use of the cloud also means that your gaming will be kept track of by the cloud-based servers. 

All your scores will be easily tracked by the use of the cloud and as you take on opponents you will be able to see your position as compared to theirs. This makes the games more exciting and you will be able to get every bit of satisfaction from the games.

In addition, the cloud makes it possible for you to make full use of the game. For instance, some of the multiplayer games make use of the cloud to enhance the experience that the gamers get to enjoy when they are playing.

The use of the cloud makes it possible to enhance the game in such a manner that you are able to creep up on your opponents and cause damage and destruction to their camps. You can also steal their flag and do so much havoc while you are on their territory.

All this progress will be tracked by cloud-based applications and daemons that are designed to ensure that the entire gaming ecosystem is running like clockwork. 

The use of the cloud as an enhancement of the gaming that is being done by the players also makes the games much more enjoyable. Any gamer that is on the scoreboard will be able to compare their performance with that of other gamers and at the end of a level, for instance, the gamer will be able to make changes to ensure that they perform better in the next levels.

The use of the cloud has been used to enhance the gaming ecosystem and ensure that gamers have all the tools and assorted upgrades and mods they need to survive the tough and often unforgiving tracks.

Streaming the games live is also possible thanks to the use of the cloud platform and gamers that take on the spectator mode will be able to get through the game without getting noticed. The use of the cloud also means that the view of the game will take on many angles and the gamers will be able to notice each and every tiny detail about the game.

The games are also more secure when there is a cloud to keep everything encrypted and secured at all times. The gamers will enjoy the adventure and the company that provides the game will be able to manage a surge in gamers with much ease.

Even when the number of players increases, the gaming service providers that are using the cloud will not be put out of service. The cloud ensures that these providers are able to maintain the services and the gaming experience that their players get to experience.

If it is saving the progress of the players on the cloud, the gaming service provider is able to easily save the progress of millions of players without having to worry much. Streaming high definition gaming content through the cloud also makes the experience for the gamers much more enjoyable.

Without any loss in the quality and clarity of the graphics and the sounds, the gamers will be able to enjoy the game in addition to being able to show their prowess and skills in the game. 

Managing a growing number of players is the responsibility of the gaming service provider. The use of the cloud makes this much easier for them as they can easily scale up their services to take care of the growing number of new players.

Even when the number of gamers has increased, the gaming service provider will not feel the strain of the new gamers. They will be able to create a platform that can take on as many players as possible without reducing the experience and quality of service that each of the players gets.

The use of the cloud also means that each of the players has a confidential gaming experience and none of their private information is ever shared with any of the other players. As such, the player is assured of a completely anonymous gaming experience which also increases their confidence and ensures that they are able to show their best skill in the game.

Setup Gaming
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A lot of gaming companies these days have a cloud aspect to many of the new titles that they release. The cloud features are meant to ensure that the gaming company is able to render the game to more players and still enhance and optimize the game for each of the players.

New players are able to get a profile up and ready in a matter of minutes and all their gaming progress is saved to the cloud. The cloud has made it possible for the new gaming services providers to render better services to the gamers who need to keep track of their performance over the course of time.

Organizing online challenges and inviting friends is also easy with the use of a social feature. The feature enables the gaming service provider to increase the reach of their games by allowing players to invite others and form teams based on social relationships. The gamers also get to enjoy a more advanced gaming experience whenever they have the cloud to coordinate all the activities that are taking place between the gamers.

Games that have a lot of players are usually very complicated to keep track of. There are a lot of aspects and factors that need to be tracked and with the cloud, it becomes possible to make games playable and enjoyable.

The gamers will have an easier time comparing performance and starting new matches when there is a convenient cloud-based feature to let them do that. They can start matches easily and make progress through the game in a gradual manner.

They can also easily store their progress in the game and form teams to take on other teams that are in the same game. A lot of the modern titles have cloud-based features that have been provided by the game providers as a way of enhancing the experience for the players. 

Gaming on the cloud is a lot more enjoyable than playing offline as it brings a social aspect to the games that encourage everyone to play their part. It is also more convenient and the gamers will have an easier time running a game from the cloud.

When the game is based on the cloud, none of the components will need to be downloaded and only a small footprint is left on the gamer’s device. This is a very convenient way of playing games and the use of the cloud has grown as games have kept on growing.

The use of cloud services also makes the games easier to organize and all the history from the performance of the game is accessible to the individual gamers. Any gamer that is able to stand up to the challenge can take advantage of the fact that cloud features are available to take their gaming to a whole new level.

The use of scoreboards and leaderboards means that the gamers have a chance to put on their best show and with the cloud keeping everything in sync, even the spectators will be in on the action that is taking place inside the games.


As you have seen, cloud services are being increasingly used in entertainment. Video and audio streaming services use the cloud to improve the quality of services they provide to their customers in addition to lowering their costs of operation.

Gaming service providers use the cloud to host many of the games that fans love and keep players in sync with other player’s progress using the cloud. This is simply aimed at showing the power of the cloud in entertainment and how it is being used to ensure that your weekends go as you had intended for them to.