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What Happens While Upgrading Software?

The process of upgrading software is usually an interesting one. It is puzzling to think about considering the fact that we are always left with intact applications at the end of the upgrade. Not much changes and we are always able to keep using the application once it has been upgraded. However, there are always significant changes that are made to the application under the hood when it has been upgraded. For instance, the source code gets to be upgraded.

The upgrade process ensures that any bugs and performance issues that were in a previous version of the software application are corrected. The bug fixes also ensure that the application works without crashing and there are no errors in the application. Bug fixes are done by the software developer who tests the application for any errors and issues that might be present. If there were issues that were causing the application or software to keep crashing, they get fixed during the upgrade.

Another aspect of the software that changes after the upgrade is the version. The version number goes up and the build changes to reflect the source code branch from which the upgrade came from. The new branch contains significant improvements and upgrades of the software. Any issues that had been reported by the application users while they were interacting with the application will be fixed with the upgrade. The upgrade process is simple and does not modify any of the information that is in the application. The application gets to work effortlessly and none of the data is lost. This is very useful for applications that store a state of the application when it was last used. This ensures that the users of the application will be able to take advantage of the new features of the software application and nothing deters it functionality.

The upgrade process also verifies the copy of the software you are using to ensure that it is a licensed version. The verification of the license is done to ensure that you are not using a pirated copy which might have inherent performance bugs and other unwanted features.  The verification process also upgrades security features in your software which ensures that a copy of it cannot be made. This prevents pirating of the software and ensures that your license is genuine and unique to only you. It is an important part of ensuring the security of any application.

Most pirated software bypass the security features that have been implemented in the application. They do this in a manner that makes the software less secure and it can be easily attacked in this way. The genuineness of the application is also affected which is what gets upgraded during updates. The version number is increased and any new features are added to the application. The new features will improve the journey of using and interacting with the application whenever the users interact with it. They get to enjoy the new features and security upgrades.