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Preventing MITM Attacks

MITM attacks are the form of a man in middle attacks that are intended to steal your information while it is still in motion and has not reached the destination you were sending it to. Hackers set themselves up between your computer and the computer that you are communicating with and intercept the information that you are sending to the other computer.

This is known as a man in the middle attack and can steal all kinds of information being sent over a network. The interception of the information means that the attacker can conceal themselves and still make it look like it is only the two parties involved in the communication. These attacks are quite nasty and the hacker will not be easily detected by either party.

However, there is usually a delay in the communication as the man in the middle will be playing a double-faced agent to both parties involved in the communication. The MITM attack will also make some slight modifications to the information which means that smart internet users and information systems that have been secured using a firewall get to stay secure and fend off the attack.

Usually, the traffic will be redirected by the hacker and if there are too many redirecting in your internet connection whenever you try to visit a website, then it is a likely sign that you are being hacked and the man in the middle has stuck in a loop of trying to appear to all the parties that are taking part in the communication.

Additionally, the attacks can be prevented by ensuring that the information being sent and received is encrypted using a longer key length which is harder to break and the information, even when it has been intercepted, will not be broken into and the real message stull stays hidden regardless of the man in the middle attack.

The techniques that are used by hackers are not hard or difficult to protect oneself from and mostly, the MITM attacks are easy to detect for sensitive internet users. However, it is also important to make use of firewalls and other applications to keep out the hackers and the MITM attacks will have been prevented when the hacker does not establish a connection and sets themselves up as a mirror to the communication that is taking place.

Additionally, the firewall will also make it much harder to guess the IP addresses that are being used in the communication which is one of the important details required by the hacker to break the communication and intercept the information being passed. The users of the information will also prevent the attacks by using routing networks and applications to randomize the connections and make it look like the information is coming from various parties which makes it much harder for the hacker to intercept the connection as they won’t be able to know which IP addresses to keep tracking. The internet user will therefore stay safe when their traffic is routed randomly and can stay confident in their transactions.