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Intranet vs. Internet

There are different kinds of networks, with intranet and internet being two terms that are often confused. This is why we take this opportunity to make a clear comparison between the two types of networks and the usage scenarios in which each of them is mostly used. The first in our list of comparisons is the Intranet, which is known to be used in organizations and companies that need to interconnect all their internal systems within the premises.

This connection does not allow any connections from the outside and keeps the company working in perfect sync and harmony. The intranet’s security is also top-notch. The people who use this network tend to employ network administrators in charge of directing traffic and how information should move from one computer to another on the intranet. The intranet also connects to servers within the company’s premises and makes it possible to access centralized resources from the convenience of a computer used by the user.

The intranet is also considered much more efficient in its operation as it blocks off the rest of the internet, and communication is only allowed within the network. In a sense, only the resources within the intranet can communicate over this network. Simultaneously, the rest of the internet gets to be sealed off and doesn’t get allowed to communicate with devices within the intranet. In a way, the intranet is safer and more powerful than any other kinds of networks that are used in modern companies and businesses as they have a higher priority on the security and safety of the network and all the information that is moving within the network gets to be redirected according to where it is destined for.

The network will also be much easier to manage, and the intranet administration is elementary and straightforward. The modern information systems used in business premises also control the flow of the information and its access based on where on the intranet, a connection and access attempt has been made. This makes it possible for the intranet users to control better who gets access to the restricted resources and all the network flows are easier to monitor and manage.

The system’s closed nature also makes the network easier to control, and the output from the employees within the intranet is much greater. In opposition, the internet is an open system accessible by any user who can get past their internet service provider and not as closed or restricted as the intranet, which is a clear difference that one should always note when comparing the two types of networks. The networks are also known to differ in their design and functionality, with the intranet being restricted to employees only. In contrast, the internet is for the general public and not restricted.