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Code control is an essential aspect of developing any software product, with developers and project managers working together to bring out software products full of the best features and workable components that can be of use to the end-user. The software development process does not involve a single developer for large projects, and coordination of all the source code contributed by each of the developers is quite complex. It requires applications that can keep track of all the changes made by each of the developers and coordinate the changes to ensure that the end product is source code that can be tracked easily to ensure that only accepted source code gets into the final software product.

Github is a software service provider that ensures that a project involving many developers takes place without any hitches, and all the code changes and contributions are all tracked down. The merges of the changes are made after being reviewed by an administrator. The administrator will have to go through all the suggested code changes before they can be merged into the main branch of the software development project. Additionally, the service makes it possible for the software project participants to keep in touch with one another and be better coordinated in their software development.

Source control is one of the other features built into Github and makes all the software changes that are done to the source code easier to track. All the changes are shown in their own edit, and each of the edits that are made to the source code has to be detailed by the developer when uploading the new source code and this is what the overall software project manager will look at before accepting the changes that are done to the source code. The software project will be much easier to control when there is a centralized means of version control. The administrator has more control over what changes get effected into the overall products after trying out the various alternatives.

The software project will also be on time and will not get delayed as the developers well control the deployment process, and all the changes that are introduced have to be tested for compatibility with the rest of the software project hence ensuring that the project goes according to plan and includes all the features that had been requested for.

In conclusion, developers that are working on the same project usually require a means of staying coordinated, and by working together on the same source code, they will be able to save time and merge their source code to produce the final software version that has all the necessary features built into the application. This results in timely software delivery with all the relevant software features being included in the application. The developers will have an easier time working over Github to coordinate their efforts and bring out the best software results that last long and targets all its requirements.