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Ease of Use and Rate of Uptake for an Application

Applications that are designed to be very easy to use are also in higher demand from their users and this follows from the fact users of the application will be more likely to stick to a game or an application when they have an easy time interacting with it. The applications are mostly used on mobile devices that are known to have a limited display and this makes the application user more likely to be limited in the interaction unless they can make use of various gestures in controlling how information on the application appears on their device screen. However, the uptake of the application will be heavily increased when the user and the designers have designed it to be as easy as swiping or zooming into the content and no matter the application or where it is being used, the users will be able to make the best use of the application if it has been well designed.

The ease of use for an application also reduces the barriers to their uptake and the application users will tend to prefer these applications as they are easy to interact with and handling information presented on them will be made much easier. The designers and developers of the applications are known to be very specific with how well they design their application and what they include to make the interaction with the application easy enough. Performing any task on the computer has to be made very simple and the user will not be required to strain whenever they need to do something such as making a selection or causing the application to process some information for the users. However, there are some applications that are clumsy in their usage and handling the information will tend to be very complicated for the users and this will often discourage them from making use of that particular application that does not have an easy means of interaction.

The information that is used within an application is also required to be easy to use and the interaction of the user with the information through the application tends to require controls that are much easy to use. For instance, manipulating a photo on a photo editing application is only possible when the developer has designed controls that are very easy to handle and whenever they need to manipulate an image from the comfort of the application, simple gestures will be more than enough to get it done. Labeling the controls and coloring them contextually also makes it possible for the application users to have an easier time finding what they need from the screen and this makes interaction with the application very effortless.

In conclusion, applications that are designed and developed with ease of use in mind see more download and more users downloading and installing them owing to the fact that they make information very easy to handle. They are easy to use and anyone that downloads the application will not be faced with a hard time understanding the interface.