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Detecting Weaknesses in Security Systems

Security systems are set up and configured in such a manner as to keep the information safe and secure at all times. Any weakness in the security system means that attackers and other information criminals will be in a position to take advantage of the system and even gain access into the resources. Owing to gaping security holes in a security system, a lot of information could be lost or get tampered with and the modifications mean that the systems will not be running as efficiently as they have been running or were intended to. It is important to inspect your security system from time to time in order to weed out the weaknesses that have raised their head in your security and seal off all the security holes that are in your systems.

One of the ways in which your security system can be inspected for weaknesses is running tests against it. This is similar to attacking the system yourself but in this case, you take a harmless approach to the attack, noting down everything that you notice and analyzing the results and how your system reacts to the attacks to be able to set it up more securely and make all the necessary configuration edits which will see your system secured better and reacting much soberly to information attacks and other incoming threats in the future. By conducting the tests yourself, you will be much more confident in the security of your system and the changes you make will be informed by the very observations you make in the course of running the tests.

Attackers often try to gain access into your security system by taking advantage of the habits that you have established but haven’t safeguarded. For instance, giving the same level of access to all who access your system will be a simple way to get into the system using low level accounts and escalating the privileges as soon as there is some form of leverage into the system. Simple accounts can also be raised to the level of administrative accounts and used to tamper with your information system or get information out of it. As such, an information access hierarchy is highly encouraged for your information to be kept safely and securely against the attackers that might try to escalate privileges to gain access into your system.

A properly secured system will have fewer weaknesses and the testing from time to time will ensure that all the other hidden weaknesses in the security configuration of the system will have been gotten rid of and bolstered as soon as they are discovered. With this in mind, it is always advised that proper inspections are done on the security structure of any system hence making sure that anyone that tries to gain unauthorized access into the system gets blocked out and the system administrator alerted about the incident in order to track it down and revoke the access credential trying to be used to get into the information system.