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Defending Systems from Hackers

Hackers enter systems using illegal means and plant malware that resides on the systems they are trying to gain control of. A digital information system that is the target of hackers will always be under attack with the hacker trying to improve and advance their strategies in order to get into the system undetected. However, this is not an excuse for letting the hackers through as there happens to be a load of ways in which a system can be defended from hackers. Hackers do not have to take over your information system and you must enforce measures to curb their relentless attempts on systems.

To begin with, hackers often like to think like they are already inside the system and one of the ways to encourage this is by the use of a honeypot. A honeypot is an application that looks very much like the applications you have on your system but pretends to be a weak entry point for the hackers’ attempts. The honeypot will pretend to be very weak and lure the hackers into the system. If the hackers are able to take in the bait, they will be sucked into the honeypot and their identities established and recorded by the systems.

Firewalls are another mechanism to stay protected from the hackers and having your firewall updated on a regular basis ensures that it has the latest security patches that ensure it is working in a proper order. By installing a firewall application for your system, your information will be safe and secure as the firewall filters through all the incoming traffic and requests for information to find out the suspicious connections which should be blocked off from getting into the system. Information from the honeypot program can also be used to strengthen the firewall and its rules for giving and restricting entry into the information systems.

A well-defended system will be in a position to stand up to any of the attacks that a hacker might decide to unleash on the system and the better defended it is, the stronger it will be able to become. The rules and decision patterns for the firewalls and other protection programs are regularly updated by the same waves of entry attempts into the system which ensures that all the information within the system is easily protected and does not fall into the hands of the evil hackers no matter what.

Protecting a system from hackers is important just as it is straightforward. It makes sense to enforce security measures, protocols and mechanisms that will stand up to the hackers attempts and not simply cave into whatever the hacker might be trying to accomplish. Keeping the security mechanisms regularly updated is also useful as it ensures that any new methods that hackers decide to try for the same attacks are well defended against and the system is always aware of what goes in and out of it every second of its operating lifetime. Security is simple and mandatory for the systems that handle information of a confidential and sensitive nature.