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Broadband vs. LTE Networks

Broadband networks have been around for much longer as compared to their long term evolution counterparts which are more recent and haven’t been around much. Broadband networks have been present from the very early days of the internet and were used to mainly make calls, send short messages and access a webpage or two. They were low and slow on internet usage and could not transfer much information in a single session. However, they were very useful for working with text-based websites and receiving information that was solely text was very possible and efficient with the broadband networks. However, the broadband networks were limited in their capabilities and one could not expect to make huge downloads on the networks or stream videos and other information as this tended to be quite expensive. The days of broadband were also the same days when data was very expensive and it was exorbitant to even watch a single video on the internet. Those days, this network was mostly used to transfer web pages, fill forms and maybe send and receive emails. The other functionalities were not yet possible as they tended to require heavy data usage and were still in their very early stages.

On the other hand, long term evolution networks which include 4G and 5G networks are recent and very new to the market. They have seen much improvement in terms of data capabilities and bandwidth as well as being more efficient and safety conscious in their design. These modern networks are capable of higher data rates and their range of possibilities and usage has grown. Applications that are able to work with these networks have also come to the fore such as cloud and web applications as well as multimedia capabilities such as voice and video calls. Streaming movies or making large downloads on these networks is now possible and the fact that they are more advanced when it comes to bandwidth means that one doesn’t have to worry much about the capabilities of the networks. These networks have also seen many improvements over their predecessors and it is the reason modern websites and devices are opting to make use of these networks. They are more powerful, much faster and can work with modern devices which have higher and more powerful processing capabilities which is the reason they work very well with the LTE networks.

There is a clear gap and difference between the two generations of mobile networks and the improvements that have been made on the former has seen the internet reach more people and penetrate the world be leaps and bounds. It is the same reason why modern businesses have been able to incorporate more features into their web applications as these can comfortably handle the information that flows through the systems as well as presenting all the necessary information to the consumers without having to cut down the information as the network is easily able to handle all this traffic securely and with ease as well as comfort.