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Augmented Reality

Entertainment has taken a huge boost from technology and has been able to make it possible for gamers and entertainment enthusiasts to immerse themselves into worlds and realities that are just beyond the edge of our grasp. Augmented reality is a form of immersive reality which makes use of what is visible or perceptible to the technology and creates an overlain world on top of this. With the use of the camera technology, for instance, the user is able to overlay characters on top of that world and get them moving as if they were on the actual reality. This is also useful when one needs to present information more precisely but with more fun and less effort to the real world. The augmentation of these realities is intended to break down the presentation of information to the users in such a manner that they won’t need to be any worried about understanding or figuring out what all the information they are working with at the moment means but instead graph it onto the real world and comprehend it better in this manner. Augmented reality can also be hooked up to the internet so as to make use of information that is available from service providers and present this information to the users in such a manner that they will be able to comprehend what is taking place and how the information has grown over the course of time.

Gaming also makes use of augmented reality to immerse the player into a world in which they are able to interact more effortlessly and take a look at the characters and scenes that they are gaming through without getting impended by the real world. Reality cannot get in the way of augmented reality and gamers are therefore more equipped to game on and conquer the enemy. It also serves as a way of hyping up the gaming process by taking the player from the real world to a meta-physical one in which they will not only get to have things their way, but also interact with life-size versions of the characters they play with, experience better effects and have a realistic effect to the gaming that is done through the augmented reality applications. Image recognition also boosts the augmented reality experiences by taking images recognized from the reality and placing them into a context that is highly realistic and animated. For instance, a mobile augmented reality application can be programmed to recognize bottles in the scene and animate these bottles from the reality, making them move about or even fly right into the air. 

In short, augmented reality is a huge leap from the usual reality that we have been used to and serves to add more meaningful information to the world around us. It enables the programmer to add context information to what is recognized on the scene and thus helps the explorer to have a fuller experience of the world through these applications. It works to make for better interactions which are more meaningful and beneficial.