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Application Areas of Encryption

Encryption has been around for as long as computer science has existed and is the main means through which information is made secure enough to pass undetected through the dark portions of the internet. Whenever dealing with sensitive information on the internet, encrypting this information first makes it possible to have it pass from the sender to the receiver and not get picked up along the way. Information that has already been encrypted is not easy to decipher and even if it gets picked up along the way, it will be impossible to crack since the person receiving the information does not have the decryption key.

Encryption works by use of an encryption and a decryption passphrase which are known to the sender and receiver only. The sender first converts the information into a format that is not possible to crack using encryption and once this is done, sends the same information to the receiver. On the way, anyone or any program that sniffs the information will be unable to find out what is held within this piece of communication and as a result, they are unable to know what the entire communication is about. With this in mind, anyone that is not involved with the passing of the message will not get to know what it is about as the information is all jumbled up en-route. In case the information gets picked up, the length of the encryption key will require a lot of computing work to work out and this deters hackers and other internet criminals from making use of this information. With this in mind, anyone that makes use of encryption is able to preserve the integrity of their communication as well as the confidentiality with which they carry out their internet communications.

Mobile devices and internet browsers are not left out when it comes to encryption and some of the private messaging applications have been known to use encryption in securing their messages. The length of the encryption means that the entire communication process is kept safe, secure and confidential for the parties that are involved and no one has to know what it taking place between the sending and the receiving parties.  Internet browsers will indicate that an encryption is currently running on an active website by showing a green light at the end of the address bar on the browser. Taking a closer look at this green button reveals the details about which parties are involved in the communication, the kind of encryption mechanisms that have been applied to make the communication more secure and more details that assure the parties that are involved in the communication of the safety and security of all the information that is passed between the two parties.

Encryption is different for different platforms and devices as well as operating systems which is the reason the length and strength of the keys used will rely on what is being transferred and how secure it is intended to be. However, the encryption is always the safest way of assuring that information is securely transferred and that all connectivity sessions are secure.