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Adding Subdomains to your Site

A website is made up of a domain which is a pointer to where the website is located on the internet. With a domain, you can tell your friends where you find your website on the internet and this enables them to easily locate where you have stored up your files and website. A domain is a useful tool for any organization or business that needs to leverage the power of the internet to reach people and when you have a website or a web application that you need to associate to your brand, having a domain is one of the best ways of ensuring that your friends and co-workers reach you with ease. Additionally, you can have more applications and sections of your website added on when you make use of a subdomain.

A subdomain is more specific than a domain and is often considered to be a section of the domain but more specific in what it points to. A blog subdomain leads to the blog on your website while a main subdomain leads to the main domain of the same website. An application can also be hosted and tested out on your domain using the same functionality that a subdomain has to offer. Whenever you have subdomains added onto your website, you will not only be able to get your friends to try out the features you have been developing for them, but it also acts as a laboratory where you are free to cook up your latest ideas and present them as a web application hosted on the subdomain. In the event that you have hosted an internet meeting and need to get people to sign up and receive tickets in advance, you can prepare a temporary subdomain for the event and have guests head directly to the subdomain to get their event packages in advance.

A lot of utility can be derived from the subdomain and it has even been noticed that having a subdomain can separate the functionalities that are provided by your website. With a subdomain, your website will be in a better position to separate various business functions and services that are provided by the different parts of the website and whenever a visitor gets onto the website, they will not be confused or get lost as all these sections are partitioned by the subdomains. A section of the website that is completely cut off from the rest of the website is known as a subdomain and here you can run an application that is totally isolated from the rest of the website. It is very easy to get a subdomain once you have registered your domain and you are not limited in terms of the number of subdomains that can be hosted on your website.

In summary, a website can serve several functions and even host several applications with the use of a subdomain. A single domain is capable of having many subdomains and this means that you get to have more sections and subsections of the same website serving varied functions.