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Python Programming

Over the past few months, I have taken a keen interest in python programming. My early days in programming involved Visual Basic and I, later on, migrated my interest to programming in Java which led to a growing passion for developing Android apps and games which has lived on till now. The developer community has been there to provide clues, guidelines, and tips on how best to develop applications and deal with issues with the compiler. Unreliable compilers and developer tools are a reason for developers to change software where possible and also cause a reduction in their daily productivity. Sometimes, as a developer, I have to skip an entire release of the Android development kit owing to the massive amount of bugs in the software. It becomes problematic and wastes too much time trying to get the applications compiled and running. My most recent example of this same problem was with Electric Eel, a recent release from Android. Even without modifying a single line of code from their initial sample programs, the build process still ends up in errors and this has stalled my development for about a whole week. I have even been considering moving my development platform to the web but have yet to give up on the Android development team. They must be responsible enough to follow up on such bugs and our passions might not be stalled while our young lack jobs. On the topic of jobs, I’m expected to attend an internship at the end of the semester and in case you have any location in Kenya with a position in IT in mind, be sure to reach out at

Back to Python programming. It has been a few months with the new language, but the much I have learned and performed with it has been truly astounding. I have achieved a lot in terms of backend development and can build APIs and web services with much ease, now that I have a mastery of the programming language. It is a powerful language and has simplified a lot of the structural properties to enhance productivity and enable me to achieve my programming goals and stay on schedule. If you are interested in the programming language, there are plenty of websites on the internet where you can find information related to the subject. There, you will find tutorials, videos, source code samples, and plenty of other useful resources to get you started on the journey to programming and writing instructions that guide computers and cause them to process and move information in the manner and formation you would want to see in your office, company, business, or organization. From the programming languages I have learned since high school, Python has truly stood out from the rest of the pack and has made me really shine at accomplishing programming tasks. The language is easy to learn and wielding it after a few weeks of practice becomes as easy as a skilled surgeon with a sharp surgical blade. It is also powerful with many imports that you can use to access methods, functions, and formulas that are embedded deep into the very core of the Python programming language and enable you to handle tasks such as database management, internet connections, sockets, encryption of information, and much more. I might even move my project for the semester to Python programming language owing to issues with my compiler and with a web version of the project, it will be a lot easier to convince my supervisor to assign me extra grades.

I look forward to a great week at school and hope that a patch is released for the compiler before my decision to shift software development platforms takes effect.

Happy week to all my readers.