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What’s Cooking, Giant?

Yaaaaawn!! It has been a long since there was a blog post, but it has all been due to unavoidable circumstances. Thankfully, I’ve sorted everything out, so I can now focus on what needs to be done in the next 100 days.

Hopefully, one of the things that I have included in my list is blogging which means that you will see my posts more often, and we will get to cover a lot of new and exciting things in the world of technology. With more blog posts, we can cover article series and other topics that might take more than one post. How about we delve into topics that will take five blog posts to cover fully?

In the next few months, there’ll be more content covered than we have done for the entire year. This has been all thanks to renting a place for myself and getting decent wi-fi. I’ve gotten a certain peace of mind which has challenged me to become better at everything I do and other things I might try.

There is a project in the works and a preview website already complete. At, there is a new concept that you will surely love. It is a game that you place with your friends in real-time. Most of the design is complete, and all that remains is getting the server-side started and, hopefully, a playable game within a few months.

The game will be sure to interest you and keep tuned for more information, progress updates, and new things we uncover as we delve into tech. There are a couple of items that I need to ship, which means I should have made the order within a month.

I love the design challenge, and hopefully, I will be able to produce the kind of art that gamers will fall in love with. In addition to the game will be a lot more blog content which means that you will quickly get to know what I am all into and the exciting things I have discovered in the world around me.

This will, of course, be all handled together with the studies I am waiting to resume. It has been a long time away from any institution, and hopefully, I will be able to excel at my studies and keep you informed on technology.

I am currently living alone, which means that my performance is undeterred. I am rarely distracted, so I can now do better things with my time. I hope, also, that my code will also improve in addition to math skills I ignored when I wasn’t alone. Experiences take a lot from you, that’s for sure, but what you get in return means more to you than anything else in your life.

I have seen this firsthand, and I kept pursuing my passion even though I wasn’t even sure I would be able to get back to university. It would have been genuinely heart-breaking not to get the chance, and I await the feedback from the school registry with bated breath.

However, I will not let a turn-down be a reason to crash but a cause to keep learning and maintaining the pace I have picked up. I have said a lot for one evening, but I’ll be sure to post more exciting articles consistently for the next few months. Watch the space, and do not forget to sign up at the Ruda Website.