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Replace your IT Department with the Cloud

The adoption of cloud resources has been steadily growing owing to the benefits that the cloud offers its users. It has made businesses survive many disasters, and pandemics of the world and more companies are moving their services to the cloud. The move to the cloud is a clear indication of the great benefits provided by the cloud.

The use of cloud computing has been why many businesses have survived this far, and the rest of the journey is expected to be full of surprises. Cloud adoption by enterprises that want to maintain their levels of service provision sees an increase in the uptake of these services. The use of cloud computing has made it easier to deliver high quality and reliable services to customers.

Clients of any company that uses the cloud can trust in the business and the fact that it will always be there. The various service models that are available in the cloud means that companies have different ways to consume the cloud resources that are available to them. One of the most popular kinds of cloud computing services that we will discuss today is SaaS.

Software as a service is a type of cloud service that can almost completely replace your IT department. If you are the kind of business looking to cut costs in tough times and keep running, this is the best kind of cloud service for you. Software as a service is a cloud service that has been packaged to enable your business to access applications on the cloud much more straightforward. The use of software as a service ensures that your company can keep running even when there is a reduction of staff in the IT team.

Small but Effective Teams

You can thin down on your staff whenever you make use of software as a service. The use of the service will, for instance, enable you to achieve your goals more quickly. When you have all your software from your favourite vendors running on the cloud, you will be able to efficiently work from the comfort of your office and still reach the usual quotas. Your business goals will not need to change when you move to the cloud. Your goals should be achieved and even exceeded when you make that all-important move to the cloud.

The use of cloud computing will enable you to render better services to your customers. In addition, you will be able to maintain your productivity without making any sacrifices for the quality of work you produce. Cloud-based applications such as Office 365 can reduce the workloads that a company has to deal with daily.

They are designed to ensure that the employees have access to the information they need to work with in good time. There are usually very minimal waits when it comes to working in the cloud. The cloud applications are also designed to be as simple as possible, which will, in a way, maximize the productivity of the users.

man in gray sweatshirt sitting on chair in front of iMac
Photo by Studio Republic on Unsplash

Managing workloads is one of the greatest strengths of software as a service. The service designer will put in place measures that can predict workloads during certain hours of the day when everyone is busy on their applications. The cloud will then balance this load to ensure optimal performance and maximum throughput from the applications.

Maintaining the sessions and sustaining the interaction between the cloud application and the user is also another function of the software as a service. If your cloud application is being used to work on a large multimedia file, then the resources will be re-balanced to ensure that you can maximize the efficiency of the cloud. The use of the cloud makes it possible to have more productive teams. Creative jobs such as video production, animation and writing books can take advantage of software as a service to ensure that they can complete all their projects on time.

The use of software as a service means that the cloud users will work without having to worry about synchronization and saving of the files. All the files created in the applications that are running in the cloud are automatically saved and kept in sync every few seconds. This means that you get to keep track of all the project you are making on a project, and any interruptions on your end don’t mean that the cloud application has stopped running.

The cloud application will keep on running and as you keep working on the project, keep saving your work and making backups that can be used to recover your progress. If your local office faces a power interruption of an outage for several hours, all the progress you have made on the software applications running on the cloud will still be preserved. As such, you will still be able to get back to the applications and pick up from where you left off as if nothing had happened.

The use of software as a service means that the interaction with software applications will not change even a bit. The use of the cloud will make it possible for you to interact with applications easily and be more productive in your day.

Even when you are in the office, all the data that you will be working on will be saved on the cloud. As such, you will be able to work with huge files efficiently. Some of the applications that can use substantial data files are big data analysis applications, multimedia applications and scientific applications. The applications use huge files, which is why the cloud is the best place to host them. Using the cloud, you will not have any restrictions in terms of the allowed file sizes. In addition, you will also be running your applications on processors that are much faster and more powerful for you.

If the project you are currently working on requires more processing power than you can be able to host locally, the use of software as a service will be the best solution for you. Using software as a service means that all you will be assigned is the software complete with the license from the vendor. Once you have these in place, you will quickly start the application and start making use of it.

All the rest of the maintenance and technical details about the software will no longer be for you to worry about. Instead, the software provider as a service model will re-balance the resources available to them to ensure that your application is running optimally. The use of the cloud also means that you will be able to process your information more easily. Additionally, you will also not have to worry about growing workloads as the cloud is designed to readjust itself and re-balance the resources to take care of these spikes in demand.

The use of software as a service can also reduce the stress that your IT department has to deal with when running intensive applications locally. Most of the time, the intensive applications mean that you will have to cluster together several computers to achieve the amount of processing power and storage needed for the application. The setup of the system will also take a long time which most projects with a deadline cannot afford. As such, your local IT team will be of no help when you have a massive project to work on. This is where the use of the SaaS cloud model comes into play.

white computer monitor and white keyboard
Photo by Niclas Illg on Unsplash

With the use of Software as a Service, you will quickly scale up your computing resources to take on the tasks that you have at hand. The use of software as a service will also be helpful when you need to beat deadlines. Once you have your application started, there will be no delays, and the performance will be steady as you work on your project. For this reason, you will quickly get past your deadlines and deliver excellent results on schedule. Whenever you have many projects to work on, you can always consider moving the entire workload to the cloud.

When you have all your projects on the cloud, working on them will be much easier. For instance, you will collaborate with others using the sharing capabilities that the software service provider provides. The collaboration will also ensure that you can work on the project and complete it on time.

Whenever you have issues with a particular aspect of the project you are working on, it will be straightforward to invite someone to work with you on the issue and ensure that it has been solved and have accomplished your goals. If you were working locally, you would have to physically fetch someone to come and work on the issue, which would mean they would have to stop whatever they were working on.

For the company, this means it will be less productivity for the both of you, and the moving about will be a bother for everyone. However, when you are working on the cloud, you will have been able to minimize movements and the person helping you will be able to solve the issue from the comfort of a web browser.

With machine learning, the software as a service cloud provider will predict the workloads that are exerted on their resource over time. As a result, they will be able to budget their resources much better for the users. The users will be able to get the best performance out of the resources, and they will not notice any delays with the applications they are working with.

The use of machine learning is also on the increase. The cloud service providers use machine learning models to predict the behaviour and use of their resources over time. They can quickly know when you assign more resources to your application, such as when you have huge files to process. As a result, the user’s experience will be in line with the amount of information they have to process, and any delays are eliminated.

The cloud service provider is also more capable of giving you the resources you need to process information and keep your organization working. If your entire team needs to process documents, you will need to use document processing applications using the SaaS model. As more users use the application, the cloud is scaled out to ensure that you can serve the needs of all the users.

Adding more users to your organization will not add any costs to your operations. This means that you can make use of the savings you get from thinning down your IT team to hire new employees to ensure that your core operations are still running. As such, your organization will complete all the services and tasks that it needs to get done in good time.

The use of software as a service also means that you will monitor the progress of a massive project undertaken by an entire team. The use of software as a service gives the administrators more privileges, and they can easily view any of the instances of the software in use.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Sharing files while working using the software as a service model is also much easier and more efficient. Since all the software and information has been hosted on the cloud, the users of the applications will easily pass information to one another without having to incur huge downloads and massive delays. There are minimal delays when dealing with the software as a service model to work on colossal company projects.

When you are using the software as a service approach to handling massive projects in your company, you will also increase productivity for all your employees. The use of software as a service means that you will quickly scale out the application to all the users and share tasks to each of the users through the same applications they are using. Additionally, you will also be able to monitor the progress of each of the users that are currently on the application.

group of people using laptop computer
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Information Security on the Cloud

Security is another massive benefit that comes with software as a service. The use of software as a service means that all your data and information always stays safe and secure. The application is safe and secure, with all the data that you work with being stored safely. It will also be straightforward to control the access to the application by using a federated identity management provider. Federated identity means that the users will not have to provide usernames and passwords to access the applications.

Instead, they will only need to provide credentials only once and the rest of the authentication and validation while accessing applications will be taken care of by the identity provider. Identity management is critical, especially when you are working with a lot of employees. It will enable you to keep track of file changes and show you who is making what changes. If one of the users makes an unauthorized change, you will quickly correct the matter in a matter of minutes.

The software as a service also provides you with a history of all the changes that have been done inside the application within a specific time. With this information, you can roll back changes when the employee has made changes to the information that you had not authorized. This is important when working on sensitive information that can bring a different meaning when some of the content has been changed.

The other huge advantage that comes with making use of software as a service model of cloud computing is that your company or organization will be able to keep track of all kinds of changes. Keeping up with the upgrades will also be very easy, and you will not have to worry about using the latest version of the software.

Under the vendors model, the software as a service provider will be responsible for keeping your application up to date. They will always install the latest version of the application and ensure that you are kept aware of all the changes and improvements made to the software application. Logging of all the activities and operations on the software is also made easy and effortless. It makes it possible to be accountable for all the activity that takes place on your software application.

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance will also be done on your behalf as the software as a service provider will be responsible for all the maintenance. If some software components are not responsive, you will easily be able to get in touch with the service provider for help. The software provider will be able to look into the matter and ensure that you can keep on using the application without any delay.

This is much easier than waiting for replies to emails of the applications that you run locally at your business premises. If some restarts are needed to apply the changes and updates made to the software, the vendor will be responsible for predicting when the application will not be used to effect a quick restart.

Reliable Backups

Backups are an essential aspect of any software that generates and interacts with data. It ensures that you do not lose track of the information that you have been working with. Additionally, you can also stay safer and have peace of mind when you have several backups of all your data. When you have the backups, you will also recover much quicker in the event of any disasters.

Hackers and other malicious individuals might attempt to break into the system that hosts your applications. When they are successful, they might end up causing damage to the applications you are using and lead to the loss of a lot of the information you have been using. Without the backups, it won’t be easy to recover, and you will realize that your business or organization will have been taken several steps behind as a result of this.

Better Responsiveness

Software as a service vendors are also responsible for the instant responsiveness of their applications. Response time is an essential factor of using cloud applications. Whenever you are using the software as a service, you must get instant feedback from any form of interaction that you make with the application.

In addition to maintaining smoothly running applications, the software vendor is also responsible for the backups of the information. Information backups are helpful for you to keep your info safe. The backups are timed to happen after a given duration, and the backed-up information is usually sent to servers that are away from the servers where the software is currently running on. As such, you will be assured of a backup of the safe and secure information away from the servers where the software you are using in your company or organization is currently running.

With the backups, you are assured of sustained operations for your business. The backups will give you something to work with, and recoveries will be much easier. The backups also ensure that you have some form of history to track back if one of the employees accidentally makes significant changes to the information you have been working with.

The history will be used to trace back the state of the information up to a certain point and then make use of the data to recover and revert the changes made. As such, you have comprehensive insurance whenever you are working with a software as a service vendor that also provides you with backup options for your information.

How the Cloud Can Replace your IT Team

If you have been having issues with your local IT resources, it is most likely because your running applications are more performance intensive. This means that they make use of more computing resources than you have on your computer. The computers you have locally might also be limited in terms of the computing performance they can perform.

The use of these computers will only slow you down, and your productivity will be significantly affected. The software will take ages to load, and the responsiveness will be a nightmare to grapple with. For this reason, you will need to move your applications to the kind of processing platform that can scale up and down based on the demand for computing resources.

The use of the cloud can be one step towards a more productive and effective team or organization. With the help of cloud computing, your company will no longer have to deal with the issue of lost data and wasted productivity. The use of the cloud will allow you access to greater computing power at a fraction of the cost. As such, you will no longer have to employ many people to keep setting up computer clusters for you whenever you need massive computing performance to run some of the applications in your organization.

The use of the cloud will mean that you will only need a handful of the IT members while the others can be at work on the cloud. Shifting to the cloud will also allow your business or organization to look at computing in a new light.

If you have been used to running all your data processing and storage offline or locally, moving to the cloud is one step further. It enables you to process more data quickly and smoothly. The use of the cloud will also ensure that you can minimize your costs. When you are no longer running a computer cluster locally, you will not have to worry about the heavy and expensive maintenance that will have to be carried out on the computers. The computers will also no longer be around to raise your energy bills and cause a lot of inconvenience with their massive size.

person holding gray and black audio mixer
Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

The use of cloud computing enables your company to keep most of the computing resources hidden. This can create a lot of space for you, and this can be sued to create a better working environment for your employees.

With the space that you create by not having too many computers in your workspace, you will have more space to hold meetings. Each of your employees will appreciate having some more space to work in. conducive space has been known to encourage productivity in many companies, and creating additional space can hugely increase your profits.

Less Local Hardware

Another advantage of making that move to the cloud is that your IT team will no longer be focused on hardware and assembling computers and networks. With the shift to the cloud, the IT team will ensure that your local workspaces are conducive and optimized for productivity. They can also collaborate with the cloud service provider to ensure that your integration goes according to plan.

The initial stages of the movement and shift to the cloud can be costly. You will have to ensure that you have all the factors correct before making any significant change. The information you are currently hosting on the local computers will also need to be transferred to the cloud before your employees can resume their work. As a result, you will need first to take the time to move to the cloud and to train your employees before they can proceed to start working on the cloud.

The training of your employees is essential as it ensures that they can better work with the cloud resources. Making your employees more familiar and better versed about the cloud resources they will be using ensures that you can easily make a move. The initial experience might be challenging, but once you have everyone used to working with applications hosted on the cloud, the rest of the experience will be pretty straightforward.

With enough training, you will make the transition process for all your employees easy and effortless. Once they have moved over to the cloud, your employees will work more efficiently and process as much information as required over the cloud. The use of the cloud means that they will no longer be limited in terms of the amount of work in a day.

The massive computing resources hosted on the cloud will enable your employees to produce work in good time. They will no longer have to worry about losing information, slow computers or lack of storage space. The use of the cloud for your employees will also be another reason for your company to be happy.

Whenever you are on the cloud, you won’t have to worry much about the local computing resources. Most of the workload will have been moved to the cloud, and no longer will you have to worry about computers not responding. The fact that no information will be saved locally also means that your local workstations will be very responsive, which will maximise your employees’ productivity.

If you have been worried about the operating expenses for your company or organization, a shift of your computational resources will be beneficial. It will enable you to process information more efficiently and get rid of some of the computers you use locally. Shifting to the cloud means that you no longer have local computers to worry about. As such, you can quickly reduce your IT team to only a few members who will handle the few computers remaining.

With this in place, you will be able to cut down on your operating costs which is essential for a company that needs to keep itself sustainable. The move to the cloud brings with it a whole lot of benefits which you will appreciate.

As a company or an organization that handles massive amounts of data, the cloud means you can easily control your budgets. You will not have to invest in more computing resources anytime you need to process more information. Moving to the cloud means that your local spend on IT will also be reduced. As such, you will have a lot of spare capital to invest into keeping your company alive and improving some of the other aspects that build its name.

The move to the cloud also comes when a lot of competing businesses are also moving to the cloud. As such, you will need to make a similar move to avoid being left behind. The cloud is shaping the future of business and has been why the economy has been able to sustain itself for long periods.

The use of software as a service and other models means that as a business, you can use cloud resources and services without much in the way of preparation. Only a little training is required to get started with the cloud as the rest of the work has already been done, and the products are ready to be used. As a user, you will spend significantly less time on local computers. With the use of the cloud, you will enjoy other benefits such as file sharing, collaboration, encryption, among other services.

The use of cloud computing has been taking over many businesses and organizations over the past few years. By making that move to the cloud, you can quickly shift your work from local resources to the cloud. The use of the cloud also means that you will quickly get rid of inconveniences and other challenges that you have been experiencing when handling your data as a company.

The use of the cloud will allocate you as many processing resources as you need. For your business or organization, this means that you will not have to worry about computing resources. The use of the cloud makes these resources assignable to each computing workloads.

Whenever you have computing workloads that require a lot of processing resources, the cloud will automatically assign you as many computing resources as you need to handle the task at hand. This is meant to improve your productivity and ensure that you can make use of all the available resources. This was not possible with the local IT resources and the reason most of your projects would be unable to hit the deadline.

Tasks that required a lot of computing power would take a lot of time, and the completion would be past the deadline. This would often result in frustrated clients and the reason many companies are moving to the cloud. With the use of the cloud, they are no longer in a position to disappoint, and the cloud makes it easier for them to provide better services.

woman in blue long sleeve shirt sitting on black chair
Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

The quality of work that your company can produce also improves when you move to the cloud. Your employees will provide better results when they have a reliable computing platform to work with. The other features that come with using the cloud, such as file sharing and collaboration, have significantly improved their productivity. It also makes them complete projects on time while adhering to the standards of quality.

With the cloud, you no longer have to depend on a local IT team. The IT maintenance you will need to have will also be significantly reduced, and you will keep your operational costs low. The absence of many IT guys moving up and down in your company also removes the distractions and makes it possible for your team to work better without interruptions. Additionally, your company will be more organized with that move to the cloud since you will be able to coordinate things more effectively when using cloud applications.

If your company has not been performing well over the past few months due to working with an IT team that does not work well, you can improve by shifting to the cloud. A move to the cloud means that you no longer need a huge IT team and all your data gets to move to the cloud.

While on the cloud, interactions and coordination will be significantly improved, and you will no longer have to worry about keeping everything in sync. The cloud is also high-performance in itself, and its requirements are very few. As long as you have a stable and reliable internet connection, keeping in touch with your data on the cloud will be very simple.

The use of software as a service also means that most of the applications that you have been used to running locally will have their versions on the cloud. As such, you will quickly get to make a move and keep using the applications you have used for a very long time.


To sum it up, cloud computing is a recent trend in computing, but its usefulness is evident for many businesses. By moving to the cloud, many companies and organizations have realised massive savings in their operational costs. They no longer have to worry about IT spending as the cloud service provider takes care of this on their behalf. The use of the cloud also makes it possible for companies and organizations to improve their overall productivity.

The use of the cloud means that every user has access to as many resources as they need for each of the tasks they undertake, and as such, they will be able to accomplish a lot more in the process. The use of cloud computing has also made it much easier for service providers and businesses to render better services to their customers. Now, beating deadlines is much easier for the companies that have adopted the cloud for their business information needs.

As a company that needs to be competitive in the current market, it is advisable to move to the cloud. The transition to the cloud will be one way to ensure that all your data is safe and processed as you need it to be. In addition, the use of the cloud by your company will be a way to get affordable computing that is a fraction of what you would spend on local servers and an IT team to manage it. Making that move to the cloud is very important and will significantly improve most of the aspects involved with keeping your organization or company running.


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