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Enhance Productivity with the Cloud

As a company or business that needs to interact with many entities to get things done, you often face challenges when dealing with other businesses. Productivity is a matter of great importance for modern businesses which need to deliver timely results to their customers.

For this reason, these businesses must adopt a working strategy that will enhance their business operations while keeping them operational and productive for much longer. The cloud has been known to bring data miracles to many sectors of the economy. There is no reason why the cloud cannot enhance your productivity and increase the throughput for your business.

The cloud has been known to take the burden out of interaction, staying in sync, collaborating and doing business for many companies. Organizations and other entities that need to keep in touch with one another can hugely benefit from the cloud.

Whenever you are using the cloud, you will notice that coordinating the various aspects of keeping your business running will be much easier. No matter how much data you have to deal with, the cloud will enable you to handle all that comfortably.

As a business or an organization that seeks to improve productivity, the cloud can be a useful tool. Not only will it ensure that you do not waste your efforts and energy, but it will also focus all your energies on getting things done and goals accomplished in your business. In the following sections, we look at some of how you can enhance your productivity with the cloud. 

In this post, you will learn:

Productivity Challenges in Businesses and Organizations

How the Cloud can Come to the Rescue

Data Storage and Seamless Access on the Cloud

Collaboration on a Massive Scale

Other Benefits of the Cloud for Business

Productivity Challenges in Businesses and Organizations

Businesses and organizations realize that their productivity is getting challenged. For instance, they cannot keep track of their projects, and whenever they are dealing with a huge number of employees, it becomes much harder to stay on top of things.

For many organizations, many factors are usually involved whenever a project has to be completed. For instance, some documents need to be prepared and categorized for the business to carry out its functions.

Whenever there is a lack of order for the organization of these documents, the company’s productivity is greatly affected. The employees of the company should, for instance, be able to share documents and even collaborate on certain documents, which are crucial to the running and operations of the business. 

Collaboration is a huge challenge as a single document can go back and forth between sections of the company several times before a final version is ready. This takes a lot of time, and the productivity of the employees working on the document is greatly reduced.

When several persons are working on the same document, they tend to neglect other duties. The overall productivity of the business or company gets to be heavily reduced. Without a means for sharing the documents more effortlessly, they have to resort to emails requiring that the employees keep their email tab open.

This can often be stressful with the emails tab being filled with notifications and new emails coming in. The employee will also feel stressed when they have to conduct all the business activities through email applications. 

Organizations that need to keep in constant touch with their partners also find it hard to collaborate if they do not have the correct tools. For instance, keeping track of the delivery status of new stock for a business on the internet can take a lot of time.

The employees will have to maintain constant back and forth communication with the peer company to determine when the orders will have arrived. If there are changes that will need to be made, it becomes even harder to become accountable for the orders.

Additionally, any instant and last-minute changes will result in losses for both companies. The employees will not have made full use of their potential, which tends to have a detrimental effect on the overall performance of the business.

Whenever you face these challenges, you will also have to spend more time on repetitive tasks to ensure that you have everything in place.

Your employees usually have a quota that is supposed to be completed within a given time frame. However, anything that gets in the way of their productivity, such as interruptions, can be very dangerous.

Employees are responsible for their behaviour and how they conduct them in your company. If they are overburdened with doing other tasks apart from their main activities, they will not deliver the expected results. Additionally, the company will not be able to meet its quarterly performance goals. 

Communication within any company is very important. Businesses that maintain communication internally can coordinate their activities, and as a result, they can become more productive. Without the proper channels of communication, passing messages to the parties that are involved becomes a challenge.

For instance, someone will need to make several calls to another department to confirm something that is on their document. Poor communication also makes it harder to realize what the other party means by their communications.

Whenever there are changes that need to be addressed, poor communication will make it impossible for these changes to be effected in time. As a result, it will take even longer for the employees and the company to realize any changes and modifications made. 

Assigning duties to the employees also takes time, and it has a huge role to play in the company’s overall productivity. The in-tray of any one employee should be full by morning and empty at the end of the working day.

Without a means and way of assigning these tasks early enough, it becomes very hard to coordinate the completion of these tasks. The employees need to be informed of the work that they are supposed to complete in good time. 

Most of the aspects of running a business that they did traditionally have also remained the same. They have not changed one bit, and the pace at which modern businesses can complete their tasks is the same.

Automating these tasks is important and improving the ways and means in which information is being passed around in a company is important. You will, for instance, realize that a company that does not have working communication in place will run into losses.

The lack of productivity in any company or modern business also quickly drives the company out of business. When there is a recession in the economy, the companies that cannot catch up and be more productive are usually the ones that end up retrenching workers en-mass. The lost jobs mean families that are in despair and unable to take good care of themselves. 

Productivity also determines the success and returns that a business can bring in annually. Whenever a business lacks productivity, it will be unable to reach its goals and achieve the revenue that it would expect within a certain time frame.

The use of productivity-enhancing policies has long been used, with incentives being employed to encourage employees to do more than they are assigned. With these measures in place, some of the companies have been able to stay in business.

However, incentives alone are not enough for the modern business to stay productive as sometimes, the practices and processes in place are the limiting factors to the company’s productivity.

How the Cloud can Come to the Rescue

The use of cloud computing has for long been the success factor for many modern businesses. Companies and organizations that are moving to the cloud realize that they can do a lot more and operate at a greater scale when working on the cloud.

A business can also enhance productivity through the use of cloud applications. Cloud applications make it possible for the company to overcome many of the challenges that get in the way of productivity. For instance, communication can be made much easier with the use of real-time cloud applications.

With real-time applications, passing messages to the parties responsible for certain aspects of running the business is very easy. No one is ever left out of the loop when the cloud is used for communication. The cloud can be used as a real-time messaging back-end, with the client applications being web browsers and even web applications.

Most modern cloud applications that are in use these days can also be integrated into the business very easily. This is why most modern businesses looking for ways to improve their productivity are turning to the use of the cloud. The use of cloud applications eliminates the challenges and limitations in place, making it possible for modern businesses to do a lot more.

For instance, real-time collaboration on documents that are hosted on the cloud makes it possible to see changes as they happen. The delay that many companies usually experience gets to be reduced, and at the end of the day, the company becomes more productive. The company does not lose time working on documents when it can accomplish all that using the cloud.

With the cloud, the company can process a lot more documents than one would expect. For instance, you can share minutes for a meeting and all the required documents with the participants before attending the meeting.

The use of virtual communication and meetings on the cloud also makes it possible for companies to perform to their best. Maximizing productivity for companies is possible when using the cloud to hold virtual meetings and conferences.

With the use of cloud computing, these companies can share all the required documents with the members that are in attendance. Additionally, there is no need for them to be physically together or even close to one another.

As long as there is a stable, reliable and working internet connection, the company will easily hold meetings even with people in remote areas. This makes it possible to engage experts on various subject matters whenever meetings are held on given issues. The people needed for a meeting will be in attendance, and any issues that need to be handled are attended to.

The use of the cloud for any business enables them to take care of crises in good time. Emergencies and other disasters are easily taken care of with real-time meetings. The use of real-time technologies built on the cloud makes it easier for technical assistants, for instance, to handle, fix or correct errors that appear on the applications that a company employee is using. The company employee will not have to lose any more time whenever they are working on a task.

Desktop sharing, for instance, makes it possible for the upper management of the company to be able to monitor whatever is going on with the employees. Whenever there is a lack in the performance of the company employees, the use of such an application makes it possible for the upper management to take a look at what is going on with the applications. Any issues that crop up will also be easy to weed out, and the company can realize greater productivity in this manner.

Document sharing makes it possible to assign tasks in good time. The good thing about cloud applications is that they can be configured to send notifications whenever there are changes on the documents that have been sent to someone.

Whenever someone is sent work, they receive a notification on their mobile device. From the notification, they can head directly to the work that has been assigned or preview the documents that have been sent for them to work on.

The use of the cloud makes all this possible, and if the employee is not at work the following day, they can provide timely feedback so that the task can be re-assigned to someone else. 

With the use of the cloud, it is also possible for the company employees to be monitored more easily whenever they are working. This might sound harsh, but it ensures that the employees are given an equal amount of work. Using the cloud is also easy, and the training required for the employees to get accustomed to the cloud is not expensive.

With a couple of weeks spent on the training, the employees will soon complete easy activities through the cloud. The benefit of using the cloud is that the information is updated in real-time, and none of it is ever lost. Whenever the employees are using the cloud applications, they will be required to log in with their credentials.

This makes identity management very easy for the company, and keeping track of the movement and edits made to files is also very easy. Whenever a company needs to become more productive, the use of the cloud makes them achieve greater heights in its performance. 

Additionally, the cloud reduces the company’s overall costs, which means that they do not have to employ as many people as they did before the business introduced the cloud to them. This saves them greatly, and they can make use of the additional money to pay their employees better.

The use of the cloud also makes it possible for the business to transform itself. For instance, they can introduce new policies and regulations that will ensure that there are no holes in their practices. The cloud also ensures that a company can transform its overall operational process to make itself a cloud-centred company or organization. 

By migrating to the cloud, the company is also assured of the safety of all its documents and data. Data is a useful resource for the modern company, and whenever a company moves to the cloud, they can keep backups of all their information on the cloud.

The applications that they use will also be connected to the cloud, which acts as strong, powerful, high-performance and reliable storage for the company. The company applications will always stay in sync with the cloud, and any changes that are made locally will reflect themselves on the cloud.

Data Storage and Seamless Access on the Cloud

Managing data is a massive challenge for modern businesses that often have to deal with huge amounts. Storing all this data reliably is one of the most important aspects of running the business. With the use of the cloud, it becomes possible for the company to keep all their data safely stashed away in the cloud.

The use of the cloud also increases the capacity of a company to store data. As a result, it can store more data, deal with a lot more customers and even expand faster. As such, the business can easily scale out and overtake the competition when it has all its data safely dealt with. 

Data storage on the cloud takes place in real-time updates and backups from the client devices and applications. For instance, whenever a document is shared across the company, a copy always gets left in the cloud for safe-keeping. With this in place, it becomes possible for someone to keep track of all the data that belongs to a company.

The company will be able to keep track of huge datasets that is has been accumulating over time, and this makes analysis possible. The insight gained from the company data stored on the cloud also makes it possible for the company to improve its business processes and eventually become a company that can perform better.

Data storage practices are very important for any modern company that intends to succeed and become successful in its operation. The use of the cloud means that the company will be able to store all its data. It does not lose any information, and keeping track of all the changes taking place to the information is made much easier.

Regular backups are also useful for the company to keep on running. If anything terrible happens to the company servers, they can pick up and keep going from where they left off, thanks to the backups held in the cloud. Quick recovery from all kinds of information disasters is possible with the use of the cloud to track the company’s performance back to where it was initially. 

In addition to data storage on the cloud, there is the matter of accessing the data, which is crucial for the productivity of a company. Any company that needs to be productive must provide instant, secure access to the information stored on the cloud.

This is where the client applications come in handy, and a business or organization that has been able to invest in client applications for their data stored on the cloud can be successful. Clever company management should also be able to put measures in place to prevent unauthorized users from reaching the information. This includes passwords and two-factor authentications for the company information.

The use of two-factor authentication is especially important for sensitive information and data that belongs to the company and stored on the cloud. The person signing in with the cloud client applications to access the information will be required to provide an additional code sent to them the very moment they log in to prove their identity.

Even when someone else has the password but does not have the second verification measure, they will be unable to gain access to the data. 

Seamless access to the data that is on the cloud is also possible and makes it possible for the company employees to work from the comfort of their home when they are not in shape to get to work. With the data being made possible through all kinds of devices, the employee can work on the tasks assigned to them and hand in the result instead of going to work.

This ensures that work can go on even when people are not physically presenting themselves to the office to work on the company’s computers. 

The access to the data is instant and fully secured. It is also encrypted while it is in transit. Even if a hacker manages to interrupt the communication and sniff the communication as it takes place, they will not reveal the real meaning of the information.

The use of encryption makes it possible for anyone to secure their communication and keep third parties out of the important conversations that are taking place. With the cloud, the level of encryption that is used is even stronger and takes an incredible amount of time to break. The hacker that can intercept the information from the cloud would need several supercomputers to break the encryption on the information. 

Firewalls are also in place to ensure that anyone who tries to break into the cloud is stopped before attempting anything. The use of advanced firewalls means that hackers will not steal any of the information that belongs to the company. As such, the confidentiality of the company’s information is guaranteed, and they can make better progress in this way.

Whenever a hacker tries to break into the data stored on the cloud, they are usually redirected to a honeypot that is used to keep them busy for much longer so that they can be tracked down and eventually arrested. Tracing attacks on cloud resources is made possible by honeypots that trigger all the possible alarms required to trace the hacker to their actual IP address.

Thankfully, the advances that have been made in cloud computing have made it possible for the companies that are using them to stay more secure. The confidentiality of all their activities and undertakings is also guaranteed, and there is nothing that can interrupt their operations. They can become more productive in this way, and as such, they can make better revenue and reach all their goals.

The use of the cloud is also known to be more comfortable for the company employees who have been trained on the best way to use the cloud. No longer do they have to keep on moving information through traditional and slow means. The quality of their work also improves as they can always conveniently access the information they need to work with to accomplish various tasks in their company.  

Collaboration on a Massive Scale

Collaboration is important for a company that deals with other companies. Staying in touch and coordinating everything that is taking place between two businesses can be made more effective and efficient with the cloud. The cloud means that the companies will no longer need to experience delays when they are working together.

The level of collaboration achievable with the cloud is also much greater, and the businesses can stay ahead of the competition by relying on the cloud. By leveraging the cloud resources, the modern company can collaborate with various other companies such as manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

The logistics involved with running the operations and activities of the business are also made much easier when they use the cloud. The use of cloud computing means that you can do all the updates in real-time. It also becomes possible to inform several companies and businesses at the same time about changes and new orders.

Order processing, for instance, can be done at a much larger scale with the use of the cloud. The cloud makes it possible for any company to streamline all the incoming orders and handle them in good time. With the cloud, it is also possible to keep track of the accounts and orders that have already been completed. As a result, the employees’ productivity is not affected since there will be no confusion about the orders that are complete and the orders that require attention.

The scale at which the company, business or organization operates is also increased when using cloud resources. By being able to compute on the cloud resources, the company can accomplish a lot more. As a result, they can also revise their goals and accomplish a lot more when they are using the cloud. The cloud makes it possible for the company to work with information more easily, and none of the information is not put into good use.

The use of the cloud for any company also makes it possible to keep track of many more variables involved in keeping the business running. If the business deals with the manufacturing process, getting real-time data from connected systems and devices is possible with the cloud.

The advent of the internet of things has also made it possible for modern companies and businesses that use the cloud to keep things more organized. The internet of things connects sensors, devices and applications and makes it possible for the companies that use the cloud to keep their activities better coordinated.

No matter the size of the internet of things, the use of the cloud makes it easier for the company to keep track of all the data and statistics streaming in from these systems. The use of connected systems means that companies can keep their operations running with much ease. 

With the internet of things connected to the cloud, it becomes easier to coordinate and monitor various processes involved in processing orders for the customers. For instance, the manufacturing process is easier to coordinate and monitor using the cloud, which is connected to the internet of things that are being used at the industry or factory. One can closely monitor the quality of the products to ensure that the end customers are fully satisfied with their services. 

Collaboration also means that a business can share huge amounts of documents among companies and organizations involved in the movement of information. Companies that need to get something done can easily share models and plans for their new prototypes with the ultimate manufacturers.

For instance, real-time cloud printing services make it possible for designers to turn their concepts into reality much faster. It reduces the innovation life cycle and empowers companies and businesses to innovate a lot faster and get products and services to the market in less time. 

The creative team in your company can accelerate the release of new products when they have the cloud to work with. Through the cloud, they can easily collaborate on new products and services and test them on the powerful computing infrastructure that is at their avail.

The use of the cloud ensures that all the involved members can work on the same vision and ensure that the inventions are made in less time. The use of the cloud reduces the time spent on innovations and products, making it possible to test the market and try out new products and services with them.

As such, the company can change its overall heading and direction, making better services and offering better products to its customers. The company that uses the cloud to produce new services and products can realize better prototypes that have been thoroughly tested and approved by a lot more creatives collaborating on the project.

Other Benefits of the Cloud for Business

The cloud does more for a business than simply improving the work processes. For instance, it makes the processes more organized and manageable on a large scale. Even when the data keeps growing, the use of the cloud makes it possible for the businesses that are dealing with the customers to manage them comfortably.

None of the data is ever lost when the cloud is used to process the information belonging to the customers, and as such, the customers get to receive better services. Data storage is reliable when one uses the cloud. Whenever data is being stored, there are always backups made, which means that the cloud is one of the most reliable and dependable means and ways of storing data for modern business.

Many of the applications that are being made for businesses are also being designed with cloud capabilities in place. The use of the cloud makes it possible for modern businesses to operate much faster, grow much bigger, and in the long run, offer better services that are personalized to the individual tastes and preferences of each of the customers.

Clouds make data more secure for modern businesses. With the use of secure means to access and safeguard information, the incidences of data leaking are greatly reduced. The use of cloud computing means that there will be no data that is ever lost.

As such, the company gets to have a complete view of its management, and with this comes improvements and advancements, which are ensured by the complete nature of the data. With data stretching back decades, the company can glean useful insights that are useful for evolving the strategy and activities of the business.

Dealing with the competition is easier when there is a lot of historical data to deal with. Modern companies and businesses are finding the cloud to be very useful for keeping a snapshot of their performance over time. 

Data that is secure is more likely to be trusted by the parties that handle and interact with it. The use of the cloud is one of the main measures that ensure that data is always secure. By encrypting the information while it is in storage and transit, third parties cannot determine the true nature of the information on the cloud.

The cloud is also much more powerful, and it can easily encrypt huge amounts of information in significantly less time. The users of the information are the only parties that are privy to the true nature of the information shared on the cloud.

With secure data, the modern user of the data is in a more secure position. They will be able to make wiser decisions that will determine the direction that information takes and where the business is headed.

For instance, making improvements to a business is much easier and more confident when the data is encrypted and safe from all kinds of prying eyes. Thanks to the cloud, data is now more secure, usable, and even a lot more valuable than it used to when it was still exposed to hackers and other people that had a bit of knowledge about computers and information systems.

The use of cloud computing can also be of use to modern businesses because they will be in a more comfortable position and able to make changes and improvement to themselves. With the use of the cloud, they can provide better and more conducive working conditions for their employees, which is an incentive for them to become more productive.

The use of the cloud means that modern businesses can treat their employees better by offering better working conditions. In this way, they can grow and improve their reputation and popularity with potential employees.

The use of the cloud makes it possible for the business to survive the course of time and still lingers around even when it has grown to a huge scale. The customers’ needs always keep increasing, and when there is the cloud to keep track of massive data sets, the company’s progress is much easier to keep track of.

The cloud can be of huge benefit to many companies and businesses that have not adopted it. By making that important move to the cloud, many businesses will provide a better level of services and greater quality to their customers.

They will also be able to be more productive as a result, and with this, they will be able to realize greater profits. The efficiency of the cloud makes it possible for the businesses that are making use of it to reduce the time spent on bringing concepts to the market. 

Overhaul your business today by making that all-important move to the cloud. When you have the cloud working for you, it will reduce your operational costs, and you will handle a greater number of customers.

You will also be able to handle huge amounts of data securely. When you do this, your business will be able to beat the competition in addition to being more lucrative for potential partners and suppliers. Move to the cloud today and transform your business use of data and applications.