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Why Web Standards Need to Upgrade

We have been using the internet for a while and from the much familiarity that we have gained from it, I feel we need to move a step ahead. We need to get rid of the old bad habits we had developed on the internet such as becoming internet savages and become sophisticated beings that are not always about destruction. Hacking should be made a thing of the past and sanities preserved. There is no need for people to keep throwing their sanity down rabbit holes just to prove that they can steal information or damage other information systems.

With an upgrade of web standards, it will become much easier to share information and make the internet the place everyone has been dreaming about. In short, we need to sanitize our habits and internet usage practices. The internet should be made better and not stay static. Like our source code, it should evolve and get patched up as we keep using it. Using the internet and the web should be similar to going through space and hopping between planets on a giant space ship. Whenever there are problems on board, the crew does not wait to get to the next fuelling station for repairs. They do their repairs while on the move and evolve their movements.

With better web standards, the creativity of the upcoming developers will not be limited to simple websites and web applications. They will be able to form a reality for themselves using the upgraded web standards. For instance, 3D is becoming a popular norm and with the upgraded web standard, web applications can add a dimension to their interactivity. Instead of slugging behind with two dimensional websites and web applications, we can opt for fully immersive websites and web applications. These will not only make us more productive with data, but they will also be a way for us to optimize our usage of the internet.

Data transfer formats should also be upgraded so that the internet of things becomes more usable. The internet of things holds much promise in way of semantic information referencing and indexing. The old search engines should be replaced with machine learning powered counterparts and slugging systems should be phased out. The internet should be made more conducive for new users and easier to get up and running no matter the skill level of the user. Web applications should be simplified to the level of a toddler and the minimum age for using the internet should be reduced.

Modern web standards should also be upgraded to make better use of the improving internet speeds. 5G and other networks are bringing with them faster internet connectivity which means that the internet can gain a dimension. The cloud is also becoming more heavily used and it is less complicated for the developers who want to build apps on top of it. Too much sophistication for the systems sometimes makes it very hard for interested users to even get started with some of the modern technologies we have. The new technologies no longer arouse an interest in the potential users and most lie idle, without anyone to try them and use them for bettering their lives.