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Why Opt for Resilient Systems Built from Scratch than Conventional Software

Anyone looking for a high performance system should go for custom applications. These will be designed and developed according to your individual tastes and include features that you need. Other general features that are included in general purpose software applications will be excluded from your tailor made applications. Resilient systems that are built from scratch tend to cover all the needs of a business. They are easy to use and match the brand uniquely.

Conventional software will require a lot of additional training and compatibility with other systems might be problematic. A software system that is designed from the ground up will also be stronger and will not experience as many problems as typical applications. The applications that are currently used by businesses and organizations are too general. As such, a hacker can easily learn the weak points of the system by installing a version on their system and trying it out on their own. The hacker will identify all the software weaknesses of the applications you are using in your business and even develop and try out exploits for themselves. They will then proceed to create a hacking plan that involves highly effective tools and malware that will eat into the very core of your software systems.

The security benefit of the custom made application is the fact that they are designed to be secure from the very concepts. The features of the applications are intended to only allow users that have an active authentication. Other users will be required to sign in or provide a second means of verification. This is a security protocol that is known as multi-factor authentication. It asks for additional proof of identity before the user can be let into the application. The application will lock out the users that are unable to provide the second proof of identity. For instance, an SMS code can be sent to the users device whenever they make a login attempt. Entering the correct code gets them past the second screen. Without the code, they will be unable to gain access into the system even if they had provided the correct password. This is very useful for modern information systems and applications that need a strong means of keeping the hackers and other unauthorized users out of the system.

Privacy is another benefit of developing software from scratch. The information on the system gets to be encrypted with modern standard of protocols and algorithms that are designed for specific use in the business or organization where the software is going to be used. Encryption ensures that other companies are unable to spy on the business and this increases their level of privacy and the security of their information. This makes their inventions and advancement more trusted by the customers who always anticipate new features and software products that will be sure to get them the information and utility they need. These applications also have all the functionality that you want for your software and do not leave anything out as you specify everything that you want to have in the software before it is developed.