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What is CloudFlare?

Availability and uptime for any website are very important. But there are moments when uptime impacts your website negatively. Hacking attacks are always there and hackers might try to temporarily take your resources offline. They might also try to overwhelm your processing resources and servers by doing a distributed denial of service attack on your resources. The denial of service attack happens when there are too many incoming requests for resources on your websites. The website will be able to respond to all the requests and in the process, halt its processes. The overloading of your server with the incoming information requests cause it to crash and it is unable to provide services to legitimate customers. When this happens, they are presented with an error page when they try to access your website and your web applications.

Cloudflare is a web service that is intended to keep hacking attacks manageable and minimized. Whenever there has been a distributed denial of service attack on your website, you get to keep your reputation by being cordial in terms of how you break the news to your customers. The Cloudflare informs them of unavailable resources. This is much better than the error page they will expect if you do not have the service on your website. It informs them for how long you are expected to be offline and what could be the likely reasons for you being offline. As such, your website is not fully lost or inaccessible and the Cloudflare service comes in between as the mediator. It informs the website visitor of the current status of your website and the reasons they are unable to access it.

Knowing why you cannot access a website is more important than being kept in the dark about it. You should be able to know why your website is not loading and what could be some of the possible reasons you are unable to access the resources on the internet. For instance, in the event that your servers have crushed as a result of a hacking or a DOS attack, the Cloudflare error page should present this in a friendly manner. This means that the service monitors the availability of your website and online resources. This makes it act as the temporary content for when your website is not available and the website visitors will not be presented with an error page.

Cloudflare is an important uptime monitoring service for always-on websites and web applications on the internet. It keeps track of your website with regular pings and whenever you are offline, it will notify you and create a page that users will be redirected to when they visit your website. It is a simple, yet powerful service and has been known to be used by huge companies and organizations on the internet. It is an effective way of countering cyber-attacks and a fallback for when DOS attacks are meted out on your website and other online resources. Try Cloudflare for your website and see the difference for yourself.