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Tackling Web Application Availability Issues

Web applications are used round the clock and the users of these applications keep checking into the web application from time to time to carry out their business on the web applications. Availability is one of the main issues that face modern web applications as the customers and users of these applications expect them to be online and readily available no matter the time of day or night.

Whenever they are accessing the web application, they get to have an easier time and do not have to guess whenever they are trying to obtain services from the web application. The availability of a web application can be affected by a lot of factors such as the server being continually on and running and servers that are continually on and running will be a crucial part of keeping the web application running smoothly.

The web servers should also be equipped with a fallback measure if one of the servers is not running as properly as it should be. The availability of a web application is also affected by various security issues such as denial of service attacks which are known to render the web application incapable of running as it should be running.

The modern web applications that have backup servers to kick in when one of the servers is not running as it should is similar to a spaceship having several engines that keep it in space for much longer and while one of the engines is undergoing repairs and maintenance runs, the rest of the engines can keep the spaceship within its quantum coordinates and in its course.

The availability of a web application also makes it possible to keep the web application rendering services to its users around the clock no matter when the user is accessing the web application. The web application will also be able to perform better when it is available around the clock and distributing the web application across several servers on the internet means that it will be possible to keep the web application running and providing services to its users without any problem.

The availability of the web application can also be affected by malware and other infections that will slow down the application and prevent it from providing the same quality of service to its customers as they are used to. This happens in the case of attacks on the web applications and the information systems that keep these applications running are rendered incapable of providing services and keeping the web application alive long enough to reach customers and get them the services they are looking for.

The users of the web applications also expect the application to be continuously available and not out of service for any reason which is the reason backup systems and failover systems are implemented to ensure that the system can keep running and providing services to the users of the web application. In this way, the web application can stay available and accessible to customers and users all the time.