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Mobile devices such as those running the Android operating system make use of a mobile database that is a brief version of the SQL database with easier operating mechanisms and an access schema that is much easier to administer. SQLite is the database for mobile applications and keeps all your information well organized and in one place. It is very simple to get the database installed into applications and can be very effective at how they work with information. The database keeps all the information that you feed into an application and you can easily make queries into the application and the database will get you all the information you need from a single search.

Games, for instance, need to keep track of many aspects of the game such as the latest information about the player, the levels they have been to, and the performance they have managed to maintain. This enables the game to present the correct user interface to the user with levels that have been tried and those that are still locked. The game will make use of SQLite to keep all the information securely in one place and the gamer will always be up to date with the latest performance information from the database.

Other applications that make use of the SQLite database are the ones that keep information sets that track information that changes in the application. A local copy of the details obtained from the application is stored in the database and updated to the servers whenever there is an active internet connection. The database is very effective at keeping an accurate copy of the information that is currently within the mobile application and making changes through the interface reflects the changes in the same application from the database. Any SQLite based application is also quite good at retrieving information from past usage of the application.

Databases are powerful applications and developers have been able to accomplish a lot using them as they are the backups that restore the state of an application that has been uninstalled and reinstalled into the application. The latest backup is restored to the application and the user can keep using the application from where they had stopped. The SQLite database is a particularly powerful database for modern information systems and mobile devices and operating systems make use of it in keeping the user information safely and properly stored with proper references being maintained to the information at all times.

Making queries to the SQLite database is very simple with filters and other selection criteria being used to make the search easier.  This is the reason a lot of applications that have got this database integrated will perform at the same level of efficiency as typical desktop applications and the information that is within the database can be used in the same manner as what a web application would provide, for instance. In this way, the user gets to have the best experience of utilizing the application and the information is managed and preserved for longer, more beneficial use.