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Securing your Online Activity

Using the internet requires that you make the best use out of every opportunity and this is not possible if you have unsecure internet usage habits that lead to the leakage of information and massive losses of privacy for you. As an internet user, securing your online activity should be among the very top priorities you pay attention to and attend to while you are using the internet.

Maintaining the security status of your internet usage activity means not leaving any traces as well as making your internet digital footprint as small as possible. Every website you visit picks up a digital sniff of your identity and too much of this information can be pieced together to build a digital identity of your internet persona.

There are a number of things you can do in order to secure your online activity and this is not only limited to visiting websites that you trust but also offering less information that can be used to reveal your identity to the internet users. Any online activity and web browsing session you make on the web has a tracking cookie that keeps the metadata about all your habits and this, if it falls into the hands of internet criminals, can mean disaster for you as an internet user.

All your online activity can be tracked but you are always in a position to reduce this possibility by making sure that you only visit secure websites. In some other cases, you can limit your internet traffic to only safe and approved websites. This can be done by installing web browser extensions that are used to keep track of your internet usage habits and make sure that you are only visiting secure websites that are approved and cannot leak bad software to your computer.

There has been an increase in the number of bad malware and other software that you can pick up from the internet whenever you are browsing insecurely. Ransomware, for instance, installs itself through your browser and holds your private information hostage until you have paid a certain amount t the person who made the ransomware in the first place.

It is a bad piece of software that is picked up when you visit suspicious websites on the internet. Malware can also be downloaded along with other files that you obtain from the internet and it is suggested that you always scan files before making any download on the internet.

In this way, you will not only have reduced the possibility of getting your computer infected but also improved your chances of staying within the safe restrictions of the internet. Not all of the internet is regarded as safe and not every website you visit will be guaranteed not to spy in on you and with a good browser and the safety habits that have been suggested in the preceding paragraphs, your usage of the internet is made safer and you are aware of all the moves you make and interactions that occur on the web.