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Reducing your Digital Footprint

Any activity that is carried out on the internet has to leave a few bits of traces which are the reason any information is easy to track. The activity of internet usage and visiting websites on the internet leaves behind a digital footprint which is a clear map of where you have been, how long you have stayed on websites, and what you have paid attention to on the websites that you have visited.

If you are a frequent internet user, there are those websites you will not even have to think twice when visiting. These websites tend to leave huge piles of cookies on your browser which makes them a significant portion of the digital footprint. Also, there are those secure websites that you visit that often secure the session you are using and in other cases, you might decide to make use of a complete incognito session to reduce the amount of traces that you leave about your internet usage habits.

The digital footprint of any internet user can be reduced by these little tricks and whenever you find that you have visited a website too much, there are several things you can do to get rid of the much evidence that you have been to that website. To begin with, you will need to clear your browser cache to get rid of the cookies which are left behind by the websites that you visit.

Once you have cleared off the cookies from the browser, any new visitors to the website will result in a new cookie being placed on your browser which clears off evidence of the other cookies and this greatly reduces your digital footprint and evidence of your internet usage and interaction with that website in the past.

Wherever you find out that your internet usage is accumulating data in your browser, you can clear off the history from the browser in order to refresh the cache and reduce the traces that linger around when you haven’t cleared off the history from your browser.

The history lists down all the sessions that you have on your browser including the access time and date. All this information contributes to the freshness of the digital footprint and whenever you get rid of the old internet browsing information, the information overcoating the history and the footprint reduces by a huge margin which leaves you with a cleaner browser and fewer cookies leading to you. All the websites that you visit will place a cookie on your website that is only temporary but will clearly indicate when you visited the website.

Although the cookie is only used to track session information and website interaction from the browser’s perspective, it leaves evidence of internet usage and whenever you need to stay under the radar, it is important that you clear off the cookies as soon as you are done with an internet session. There are browser tools and extensions that are used for this purpose and are very easy to use in keeping your steps less noticeable.