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Playful App Interaction

Any app usage is determined by the much research and design into the interaction with the information presented in the app. A playful app interaction is an information usage experience in which the characters and information are presented in a friendly manner. This makes it easier to absorb the information presented to the user in addition to providing for a friendly, blissful, and memorable experience for the user.

App designers and developers have for some time now been researching how best to improve the user experience for app users and with the process of gamification, have managed to make the art of app design a more productive one. Any application that is downloaded from the app store comes in its own unique design that is quite different from the rest of the pack and it does not look like any of the other applications in its class. This is attributed to the functionality of the application and the kind of purpose it has been designed to serve.

If the app has been designed to display content in the form of text, then most of the content will be clearly spaced out for making it easier to read content on the app as well as the font and typography being delicately balanced for comfortable interactions and user experiences. In addition to the design and layout of the apps, there are other tiny details such as the balance of colors in the application and this is what determines how the application is going to impact the user psychologically.

A playful app interaction makes the entire experience of dealing with data and information seem like a simple walk in the park and the user is made to feel like they are playing a game from the comfort of their device. The playfulness makes even the most complex of concepts easier to master and interacting with complex information is broken down into a simple process that will not be much of a challenge for the user.

The application is also designed to be much more appealing to the user in the sense that the information that is presented is laid out to have the lightest impact on the user who doesn’t need to strain much in order to get a gist of the information that is contained in the application. Buttons and other UI elements of the application are also laid out carefully and uniquely animated to provide a delicate balance that will capture the interest of the user.

Application design and development processes are filled with the activities of making app interactions playful and this reduces the burden for the users who have a much easier time with the application. They do not have to strain to get the meaning out of the information they work with inside the application and interacting with information will be easy as it is presented in the simplest manner. There has been much research around this topic even as designers seek means of making the app experiences more immersive and meaningful for the end-users.