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More Computers in the Same Space: Moore Law in Action

Computer power and speed are increasing as time passes and this follows a law of physics that dictates how computers get to improve over time and these days, computer components are occupying less space but still getting stronger and stronger which is a clear reflection of the kind of computing power and strength we should be expecting.

The computer user and the computer applications that are being introduced to the modern computer users require much more powerful computing resources to perform as well as the computer user would be expecting. The computers are also getting more powerful as they get improved in terms of power consumption and heat management.

The computers are known to work much well when the architecture of the processors and the internal organization of the computer is made much easier to fit new components and make the computer increasingly powerful for the users. The modern computers are occupying less space and this reduced form factor is clear evidence of the law of Moore at work.

The lesser space the computer occupies, the more powerful it is. This is also the reason modern computers are getting more powerful and the users are appreciating this fact as they can carry out more tasks on their computers with small form factor computers such as smartphones being carried around and being used to do much more for the computer users while they are still on the move.

The computers are also getting increasingly powerful with an increased number of processors being fitted into the same space a single core processor would be fitted a few years ago. The users of modern computers are getting to appreciate this fact as they can run more programs and process much more information in this way. Computer users are also known to be more accurate with powerful processors enabling them to run more computations within a shorter period of time.

The law of Moore has become more evident for the smartphones which are being fitted with increasingly powerful processors and as time goes by, these processors are getting to have a bigger number of cores which is really useful for the modern user as they have to deal with a lot more information than former users of the computer systems who would only need to process a little bit of information at any time.

Now, the growing amount of information being used nowadays means that the computer users need to have much more powerful computers to produce timely and accurate output to the users of the information and this is really useful especially for real-time applications which render results and feedback back to the customers in the same instance they make the requests to the systems. This includes online ordering systems and modern eCommerce systems which can handle the requests coming in from millions of customers at the same time thanks to the law of Moore getting turned into a reality and making the best impact for modern users of information systems.