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Improving Software Performance

Any software application’s performance is determined by many factors, such as the amount of work that developers and researchers will have put behind the development and design of the application. The properly researched software will tend to include improvements and features that will ensure that it performs as per the users’ expectations. The software performance can also be improved by including fixes to the software application during the maintenance phase that uses the feedback from the customers and the application users that have gotten experience using the application.

The users of the software application will tend to notice bugs and performance issues in the application when they have made use of it for a longer period of time and when they do; they provide this information to the developers in the form of feedback, which then goes into improving the software product. For instance, suppose the database connection in a software application was causing performance issues.

The developers can be informed of this performance bottleneck and then take care of the issues by introducing bug fixes. These are pushed to the software users in the form of updates and patches, including the upgrades in code fixes. The code that makes the application can be modified to ensure that it performs and the users would prefer the software to work. This is why the performance of software gets to improve with feedback getting back to the software developers.

The software developers will also work better with improvements and bug fixes when there is a clear line of communication between themselves and the software users. Any feedback and suggestions from the users will be received by the developers, who will then use it to improve the software application and ensure that it renders the best service level to the customers and performs as expected. Any performance bugs are easy to notice when the application is in actual use.

The hardware on which the software is running will be one reason behind its unstable performance. The users of the software will be able to note whether or not the application is compatible with the hardware they are using and if it is not compatible, inform the developers with enough information and additional details to enable them better understand the kind of problems that the software user is currently facing.

With this information, the developers are better positioned to upgrade the software, which will see that the software’s performance improves. The software that the software application rendered will also be enjoyed by the software users and customers when given the necessary improvements and upgrades to see that it does not halt or run into problems on the hardware platforms it was targeted for.